Will The World Change? Or Not in Two Days

Will The World Change? Or Not – in Two Days

Well, two more days and we will see a new President of the United States.  This will be the biggest change in many years.  I think the country needs the type of shakeup that I hope Trump is going to give it.  We have been cruising along toward more and bigger government and more spending for long enough.  We need to cut back and tighten our belts.

We need to protect the second amendment and remember that this country was made by citizens standing up for what they believed.  We are free because we want to be free.  We have to do what it takes to stay free.  We have to respect the people who help protect those of us who hold down the fort so to speak.  Some people have put their lives on the line for us and we need to respect and support them.

It is necessary that we have a strong military that is always ready to protect the country.  Poland got rolled over in the past because no one was really ready to protect it.  The United Nations did not exist as it does today.  Even if it had would anyone have got to the country quick enough to stop the mauling and take over?

Now it looks as if we might be going to repeat history again.  Has anyone or enough people taken notice of the fact that WWIII might be in the offing.  The most horrible thing is that it will take place in the same countries that WWI and WWII did. Hopefully the new administration will sit up and take notice.  Several people wondered when WWII ended if we would fight Russia next.  Well???   WWI did not end it just stalled out with treaties.  That lead right away to WWII and most people in the government and military knew it was going to happen.  Well it has been a few years, and we did not start fighting (with guns) the Russians but now look we may be about to do so.  I would hope that people come to their senses.

Each country has to let every other country exist.  The world is divided up enough.  Let each country make its own decisions for itself and not infringe on other countries.  Trade and work with other countries for common world goals do not overrun the next guy just because you can.

Russia is plenty big enough and has lots of resources.  It does not need to smash Poland to achieve anything.  In the long run, belligerence does not pay and will not work.  It may take years for the actors to figure this out but its true.  The main leaders die of and the pendulum swings back toward balance eventually.

My two cents.

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