Want to Feel Better?

Want to Feel Better?

Do  you understand what it means to feel better?  You need to think about your body and how it feels from the cellular point of view.

Your body receives oxidative stress from all kinds of thing you do every day. Exercise causes oxidative stress. But exercise is good for your body. Outside influences cause oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress is produced outside and within your body every day.

From the cellular level oxidative stress must be reduced or eliminated to make you feel better. Antioxidants were the only thing you could do to help your body until now. You could get these from foods that are good for you. You could take vitamins.

Understanding Oxidative Stress

Now you can also use an Nrf2 activator to tell your DNA to regulate about 400-600 genes with in the DNA strand. In order to see more information on how the Nrf2 activator works follow here.

It turns out to be far more effective to activate your own antioxidants within your cells than to use only proper eating and vitamins.  Please check out this link.