Understanding Free Radicals and The Damage They Cause

Understanding Free Radicals and The Damage They Cause

Education is one of the ways you can help yourself throughout life. Educate yourself on anything that is interesting to you but also on anything that is important to your health.

Understanding the damage that free radicals do to your body by the thousands every day all the time gives you information.  Now you know that you need to do something to prevent damage to your cells and thus to your body. If you had not educated yourself on this subject then you might ask why do I need to eat right, lose weight and protect my body and my heart.  You might say “Since I do not know how these good foods affect my body I am going to ignore the advice to eat them”.  You then go about your day eating all the foods you love and when you cannot find time to fix your own food you go out and eat fast food which is often not good for you and introduces more free radicals you poor body then has to deal with. Think about it! You have done this and I have done this–eating what I wanted whenever I wanted it. But now that you know what free radicals are and how they damage your body and cells it is harder to ignore the advice to eat good foods.

Free Radicals are Bad

Free radicals are with you and me all the time. To get rid of them you need to make an effort to eat the proper foods that can help your body fight the free radicals.

Foods That Add Free Radicals

You need to avoid sugar as one of the first things to drop out of your diet. Sugar which shows up naturally in fruit and berries and other good foods is all you need in your diet. When you eat candy you take in a boat load of sugar and your poor body says here we go again. It moans and groans and fights but it is a losing battle. Sugar is one of the main ingredients in sodas of all kinds.  Have you ever seen the ad for cleaning your toilet bowl with a bottle of coke and it does not mater the brand. The stuff bubbles up rots off the ring around the toiled bowl and if you pour it all the way around up high it sterilizes or at least gets all the deposits and gunk off of the toilet bowl. Then flush and you have a clean toilet.

Try that trick and see how it works! It turns your stomach to think you have been drinking that stuff for years.

I know, I am from Texas and I have a Dr. Pepper every now and then but only a couple per month.

If you do not eat lots of chips and leave the potato skin on the plate and do not eat the seeds of tomatoes and some of the packaged seeds you will stop having cravings for chips and without chip cravings you can live with less cold drinks and less sugar all together.

Eat Dark Green Vegetables and Fruits.

I eat oatmeal in the morning with fruit or sometimes raisin brand or cheerios with fruit. Then if I go out to lunch at a hamburger place I just order the burger and a small drink which is often ice tea. Or if Dr. Pepper at least I do not eat the fries.

Some Food Chemicals Cause Cravings

The fries cause cravings whether you realize that or not.  I eat salads with chicken on them at lunch some also. If I eat bar-b-q beef I eat green beans because they are better for my body than other types of beans. Cold slaw is good for you and even though it may have dressing on it that is not near as bad as eating fries.

So one of the things you want to do is think before you order. Order for your body not your cravings. Think what is my body going to do with this food. Will it be able to address the free radicals this food presents. Smoking is only one thing that can kill you. Eating wrong will take years off your life for many reasons.

How to Help Your Body along with Eating Better

Go to my page inside the website attached to this blog. And then follow the link  to the one thing that can really help besides eating properly. There is a little wonder pill, actually two of them that work together, that can help turn on the cells in your body so they produce their own antioxidants. This is fairly new cutting edge science. These wonder pills are all natural and their secret is the quantities of each of the 5 ingredients. The correct combination cause a synergy and activate your own cells to produce antioxidants by the millions. These antioxidants stay in the body for 13 days if they are not used up. They fight far more and far harder than the foods you eat (if you eat good foods). But you need both good foods and the wonder pills.  Please follow this link to the inside page and then on to the website for the pills.