Be A Travel Agent Full or Part-time

Be A Travel Agent

Here is a way to secure your financial future by being a full time or part time travel agent. This is the opportunity that you have been waiting for. You can combine your love of travel with your love of family and friends.  Make a lot more friends through travel and you can profit.

PlanNet Marketing offers two business opportunities, including an amazing and rewarding compensation plan for its Reps:

  1. The PlanNet Marketing Rep who sells the InteleTravel home-based Independent Travel Agency (“ITA”) business and earns a direct sales commission.
  2. The PlanNet Marketing Rep who, in addition to selling the ITA business opportunity, also chooses to build a PlanNet Rep organization and earn override commissions on Reps in their organization who do the same.

Travel Agent

This is an easy way to earn some extra money while you work your normal job.  Then as the money increases you may choose to do this recruiting full time.  Just think about it.  You have your own website and send people there.  When they see that they can earn extra money and sign up you earn a commission.  The more people you send the better.  See my website here. Become a travel agent.

Travel Agent