Top Ten Foods For Your Health

Here are the top ten Foods for your Health

In this video the top ten foods that are healthier for you to eat are discussed. If you change your diet to include these foods more often you will be helping your body a lot. You will be giving your body more external antioxidants to fight free radicals.

Free radicals have been discussed in the previous several posts. Free radicals are something that damage your cells and then the damaged cells could cause you to have a disease as they increase in number.  Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and eliminate the damaged cells thus making your body healthier from within.  Your body produces lots of its own antioxidants when you are young but as you age your cells produce less and less antioxidants. So getting antioxidants from your environment assists your body and staying healthy.

Breakthrough Cutting Edge Science

Starting with research in 1969 a researcher has found out that a combination of natural ingredients found growing in various areas of the world are particularly beneficial. The names of some you would recognize. As with many plant products that have been used to aid wellness, these five separately help. But putting them together in just the right proportions is almost magic. The five ingredients work together better than they each work separately. There is a synergy.

This product is referred to as an Nrf2 activator. What that means is the product goes into our bodies and turns on our cell’s own ability to produce antioxidants. This is in laymen’s terms so you can more easily understand even if you do not have a science background. There has never been a natural product or a drug that has ever been able to tell our DNA to make our own antioxidants until now!  This is a major breakthrough.

What Do We Do Now?

To increase your longevity and improve your health you can take the Nrf 2 product in the form of a pill.  Just recently a Nrf 1 product has been found to work on the RNA of our cells. These are the two most important parts of any cell in our bodies.

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