Did You Know About SUV Third Seat Theft?


Did You Know About SUV Third Seat Theft?

Wow, I have just found out about the problem with SUV third seat theft out of General Motors SUV’s.  I did not know this was happening.  It is getting worse by the year and a very inventive person came up with a solution.

You should all know about this information to help protect your vehicle or to tell friends and family so they can protect their vehicles.  This product locks the third row seats to the vehicle so they cannot just be lifted out.

The time it takes for a thief to break into a vehicle and remove the third row seats is just seconds.  You may not even know they were there until you walk out to get your SUV and find out that it has been broken into.

Take time to look at the product and watch the video.  Everyone with a General Motors SUV needs to take heed.

Protect your vehicle!

Check out the Xtralock.  SUV third seat theft

The design of the General Motors third row seats is made so the owner can remove the third row seats to allow a larger space for cargo in the back half of the vehicle.  This is very convenient for the owner of the vehicle especially for a camping trip, hunting trip, or vacation of almost any kind where a larger amount of cargo is going to be needed.  But, What is convenient for the owner is also convenient for the thief.

These third row seats are bringing close to $2500 per set on some black market transactions.  If the thief is unlucky he might only get $1500.  But for the vehicle owner the problems can be much more involved. What if the door is damaged and has to be replaced.  The owner will have to replace the third row seats also.  The owner has to deal with an insurance claim and those take time and energy.  Most owners will have $250 to $500 to pay out of pocket for deductibles. Not to mention the emotional toll of having to find your vehicle broken into and/or damaged in the process.

Take a look at Xtralock and save yourself this experience.