Surviving Disasters and Surviving The End Days

Surviving Disasters and Surviving The End Days

Surviving disasters

Surviving disasters is something every family should consider. Survival is a mater of planning ahead and being prepared for anything that might happen.  When you think about disasters think about New Orleans after the double whammy of hurricanes hit that city.  Some people had axes in their attics and some water and food set aside.  Some had nothing and had not considered that they could have their homes completely flooded and destroyed. Those with tools ready could cut their way through their roofs from the inside and get out which prepared them to be rescued by boat or helicopter.  Some without tools died in their attics. Some were not even able to get into their attics and died from drowning.

So it is a good idea to think about at least basic survival preparation by getting some items collected that could help you in an emergency and thinking about ways to get out of your home and out of your town if that ever became necessary.

If you make some preliminary plans you are far ahead of those people who think life is always going to rock along as it always has.  The people in Europe during both world wars found out that things do not always go as planned.  People who have their homes invaded and burglarized know that things definitely do not always go as planned.  Do you have some way to protect your family in your own home if someone comes in while you are there?  Do you know what you could do to save your family.  A young mother just recently could say yes to that question.  She was home alone because her husband had just died.  She had a young child in a crib and heard someone trying to get into her house.  She got two guns and prepared to defend her child. The person at the door would not go away and finally broke in.  She shot and killed the man and would do it again to protect her small child.  She was prepared and ready to act because she had learned to use the guns and prepared her thoughts ahead of time.

You do not have to have guns in your home if you are opposed to them.  You can get other items to protect yourself and your family but a plan is important. Surviving disasters is up to you.

If you are interested in Survive the End Days you can see a video and go further into the website by following this information.

In either case survival is a key to being ready to take your life and that of your family into your own hands and certain preparations can put you many steps ahead.

Surviving Disasters