Wow we are moving forward with Rory Ricord

Wow we are moving forward with Rory Ricord

Rory Ricord

I am listening to one of the calls for mentors and junior mentors and the information coming out is fantastic.  We are getting many leads and working toward keeping up with the mentors getting junior mentors so we will be ready to handle the numbers coming on board.

This is such a great program that can be done by anyone and help everyone who sticks with it.  You can supplement your income at first and then replace your income as long as you are willing to work with the program and bring other people up with you.

The quality of service is great and it must be kept up in order to keep the momentum going and take care of the new people coming up.

We are looking at working with getting people through some new methods and that will double the number of signups we are now working with.

I am starting to learn how to be a junior mentor and will be helping people get started with their link post blogging sites and get on board with the other opportunities we have.

Rory is working on developing new opportunities for the future which is also very exciting.  The mentors take some of the pressure off Rory so he can do things that he does best and help all of use get ahead faster.

Rory is so interesting and dynamic that it is hard to believe all that is wrapped up in one person.  He is so excited about what he has produced and what he is now putting in place.

You just have to listen to some of his calls and enthusiasm to see what I mean.  If you join us you will see what I mean.

You can go to to see what I mean.  Read about the program and about Rory.  He is now 28 years in this business.  He started off line and developed the first part of his program. Then he moved online as the internet became more important, and has taken off becoming the top person in the field that he basically designed.  That is link post blogging.  Other people used blogging and posting links but Rory put it all together and made more out of the method than any of the parts along could produce.

I am so glad I found out about this system.  I had been looking for years and I have been scammed by many but now I have the way that works.  Come look and join me.