Romance Think of Wine & Dinning Out

Romance Should be Thought of as part of a Wine Experience


Wine is very romantic when you think of it. A nice candlelight meal with just the two of you and wine to set the tone just right. Wine can be seductive and mysterious and encourage romance.  It is definitely romantic to have wine with a wonderful meal.

What do you give a loved one at Valentines showing warmth and love and thoughtfulness? Wine is one of the first things that springs to mind and of course chocolate.  Why not both. Some flavors go together some do not so if you have a problem deciding choose the wine.

There is a way to let your loved one know you are thinking about them all year around instead of just on special occasions. And this method puts a smile on your face each time you receive it.

I am talking about becoming a member of my wine club and enjoying fine wines from around the world delivered to your home once a month.  These are wines you cannot get without a lot of travel and a lot of luck to find them.  They are from small wineries that are elite and only produce a limited quantity each year.  The choices are made by wine experts and you receive a different set of wine each month.


This wine can be enjoyed by the club members, shared with friends and relatives, used as gifts for very special people or used at a party as wine tasting shared with others.

There are so many ways that the wines can be loved and shared and used a social gatherings, just let you imagination run.

You may choose to just be a member or you may choose to encourage others to join you in the club and their membership under you pays for your wine. There are several ways to let friends and acquaintances join so you will want to read about that and see how you might use the wine club as a social benefit.

Come to the next page think romance, read about this great opportunity.