Protect Your SUV Third Seat! Theft is on the Rise

Protect Your SUV Third Seat! Theft is on the Rise


Whether you realize it or not third row seats are now bring in thousands of dollars for little expenditure of effort for would be thieves.  They can break into your car in seconds and remove the third row seats and be gone before you can figure out they were there.  If you are not close to your car when the alarm goes off they can probably still have the seats out and be pulling away before you can see them or call the police.  This is an increasing crime people are just now recognizing.


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Since 2009 3rd Row Seat thefts from General Motors SUV’s have been growing across the country at an alarming rate. Thefts have occurred from individual owners, car dealerships, and rental agencies.

Until Xtralock, there was no viable deterrent. We started marketing Xtralock in Spring, 2013 to individuals and to a pilot group of GM dealerships. Both audiences agree that Xtralock is the answer. Dealers reorder, and not one customer has used our 100% money back guarantee.

Xtralock Is Here to Save Your Third Row Seats Now!

xtralock         We do not want you buying your new SUV and going to a nice restaurant to celebrate, only to come out and find the third row seat in your brand new vehicle gone and some damage to the door where entry was make.  Please protect your vehicle and your seat and place our sticker on your SUV to deter thieves.