Prevent Cancer with sufficient Selenium

I listened to an interview by a doctor who said do not take chemotherapy if you have cancer. The main reason Most Doctors want you to take Chemo is because they get paid big money for it. There is a study he quoted that found out there is no proof of benefit to patients that take chemo And chemo kills lots of patients. Dr. Glidden could read and understand the report because of his training. He does not recommend chemo to anyone and said there are lots of homeopathic therapies that do a lot more for the patients than chemo and do not kill the patients and cost less. Listen to this video for yourself.

Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money

He suggests that there would be no cancer around if people took a sufficient amount of selenium each day. He indicates that one product would prevent most or all cancers in adults.

This is very interesting to me because I am a breast cancer survivor and I believe strongly in vitamins. I chose not to take chemo. It was not strongly suggested I do, but I did not want it no mater what. My cancer was in 1996 so I have been cancer free for 21 years now. I take Maitake mushroom as a preventative also.

I know people who have used this product alone to clear up breast cancer in two months. The lady had ex-rays done that indicated she needed a double mastectomy. This women did not want that and A friend took her back home and got her set up with Maitake mushroom. This lady took it three times a day and in two months went back to the doctor for another ex-ray. She was found to be free of all indications of cancer in her breasts.

The 10 Questions to Ask Before Cancer Treatment

Selenium is required by the body for proper functioning of the thyroid gland, and may help protect against free radical damage and cancer. A deficiency in selenium can lead to pain in the muscles and joints, unhealthy hair, and white spots on the fingernails. Long term cases of deficiency may lead to Hashimoto’s disease, a condition in which the body’s own immune system attacks the thyroid. An excess of selenium can lead to bad breath, or diarrhea, and even hair loss. The current daily value (DV) for selenium is 70μg (micrograms).  The amount of selenium in any product varies greatly by the amount of selenium in the soil in which it was produced/grown or raised. Be sure to check individual labels, and if you have a deficiency in selenium, get tested after changing your diet to be sure you are eating adequate amounts.

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#1: Brazil Nuts

Selenium in 100g Per Cup (133g) Per Ounce (28g)
1917.0μg (2739% DV) 2549.6μg (3642% DV) 536.8μg (767% DV)

Other Nuts High in Selenium (%DV per ounce): Mixed Nuts (14%), Cashews (8%), Black Walnuts (7%), and Macadamia Nuts (5%). Click to see complete nutrition facts.

#2: Seafood (Oysters – Cooked)

Selenium in 100g Per Oyster (25g) Per 3 oz (85g)
154μg (220% DV) 38.5μg (55% DV) 130.9μg (187% DV)

Other Seafood High in Selenium (%DV per 3 oz cooked): Mussels and Octopus (109%), Lobster (89%), Clams (78%), Squid (63%), and Shrimp (60%). Click to see complete nutrition facts.

#3: Fish (Tuna – Cooked)

Selenium in 100g Per Ounce (28g) Per 3 oz (85g)
108.2μg (155% DV) 30.7μg (44% DV) 92.0μg (131% DV)

Other Fish High in Selenium (%DV per 3 oz cooked): Rockfish (93%), Swordfish (83%), Halibut (67%), Tilapia (66%), Mackerel (63%), and Snapper (60%). Click to see complete nutrition facts.