Personal Safety, Self Protection, Survival

Personal Safety, Self Protection, Survival

Many people do not consider their personal safety and what they might do to protect themselves in everyday circumstances. Say running to the grocery store, dropping off mail, going to the mall or stopping by a fast food restaurant.

But how many times do we see news stories about criminal activities such as car jacking, kidnappings and assaults of persons just out doing normal errands?  We never consider we might be one of the victims.

Also, I knew of a case where a family was driving at night, near a lake, and drove right down a boat ramp into the lake by accident.  The car windows were rolled up and there were five people in the car.  Somehow the Driver – a man, and his son got out of the car.  The wife, child and another women did not get out and drowned. A person should carry survival tools in their car so if they ever found themselves in this situation they could more quickly brake the windows and help rescue the passengers. To see flashlights that double as glass breakers and other survival items go here.

Personal Safety

Women are especially vulnerable when walking alone and should consider their personal safety by carrying protection with them.  You do not necessarily have to have a conceal carry permit.  Other options do exist and it may be a good idea to look over these options and consider buying some or giving some as gifts to someone you know that could use a bit more protection or self confidence.

We are interested in making people more aware of the choices they have, and suggesting they make use of them, so if they ever need to defend themselves they at least have something to use. Being unprepared is the worst feeling you can have when something actually does happen to you.

One lady over 50 years of age was attacked at her van when she returned to it after an errand or appointment.  The van was in a parking lot and there was no one else in the lot to help her at that time. As the men attacked she was pushed partly into the van side door and was able to reach the shotgun she had inside the van.  She used it on one of the men and the other fled.  She was unharmed except possible bruises and scrapes. She was somewhat prepare since the attach happened at her vehicle.  If it had happened elsewhere she might not have come out on top.

Stun Guns

Please consider the products we offer.  

The products in the picture above are stun guns. We have a number of varieties of these and many other self defense items and survival items.