Patented Skin Care at the Cellular Level

Patented Skin Care at the Cellular Level

Patented Skin Care

This is a Beauty System that you cannot get anywhere else and that helps your body make you younger looking while making you more beautiful.

The Beauty System has Nrf2 technology which is patented. And makes it possible for these products to work deep within your skin. The patented technology activates your skin cells to fight free radicals which today is called oxidative stress. Much like a piece of iron rusts your body produces free radicals that are detrimental to your skin and health.

When you are young your body produces many particles that kill free radicals but as you age your body produces fewer of these killer products.  We take vitamins to kill free radicals but they only kill a few and there a thousands. The Nrf2 technology signals the cells to turn on the mechanism that produces millions of your own killer particles. Your own body then sends these out to eliminate the free radicals.

This technology is now in a skin care system that helps you look younger, helps your skin stay hydrated and stimulates the skin to maintain itself in a healthier fashion.

The original breakthrough in technology started in 2005 and has been at the cutting edge of nutrigenomics. Part of this is the study of what reaction your body has to what you take into it.  What you eat. Many people consume vitamins that contain some of the products in our formulas. But it is the way the products in our formulas work together and the amounts of each element that allows the synergy to occur.

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