Romance Think of Wine & Dinning Out

Romance Should be Thought of as part of a Wine Experience


Wine is very romantic when you think of it. A nice candlelight meal with just the two of you and wine to set the tone just right. Wine can be seductive and mysterious and encourage romance.  It is definitely romantic to have wine with a wonderful meal.

What do you give a loved one at Valentines showing warmth and love and thoughtfulness? Wine is one of the first things that springs to mind and of course chocolate.  Why not both. Some flavors go together some do not so if you have a problem deciding choose the wine.

There is a way to let your loved one know you are thinking about them all year around instead of just on special occasions. And this method puts a smile on your face each time you receive it.

I am talking about becoming a member of my wine club and enjoying fine wines from around the world delivered to your home once a month.  These are wines you cannot get without a lot of travel and a lot of luck to find them.  They are from small wineries that are elite and only produce a limited quantity each year.  The choices are made by wine experts and you receive a different set of wine each month.


This wine can be enjoyed by the club members, shared with friends and relatives, used as gifts for very special people or used at a party as wine tasting shared with others.

There are so many ways that the wines can be loved and shared and used a social gatherings, just let you imagination run.

You may choose to just be a member or you may choose to encourage others to join you in the club and their membership under you pays for your wine. There are several ways to let friends and acquaintances join so you will want to read about that and see how you might use the wine club as a social benefit.

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Have You Thought Of A Container Home?

Have You Thought Of A Container Home?


Building a home from scratch is definitely a challenge but you can eliminate some of the issues by using proper plans and a container or several to build the home.

Our website has an experienced builder and his plans discussed and it seems you can really have a very nice home.  The containers are strong and not that difficult to work with because a lot of the job is already done in the original construction of the container.


You are creating a green home by re-purposing a product that may be previously used and cast off from the original service it was put to.  Think about helping the environment by reusing of items like the containers and you may even come up with ways to reuse other things in your container home.

Container homes can be made big or little and can be very beautiful.  They can have an exterior added that makes them look like anything but a container.  One must put on the thinking cap and use your imagination.

The home below is very interesting and you could image it with a stucco or rock exterior and it would not look anything like a container really. One nice thing to is containers come in many different sizes so you do not have to think about just stacking 40 foot container on top of each other.


I like beauty and the mental stimulation of thinking about how I would design a home out of containers.  Its an intriguing challenge.  How many bedrooms and how to arrange them.  How to say, make an open floor plan between the kitchen and the living area.  How to properly insulate so that very little heat or cooling might be needed.  Would you be able to sink some of the containers underground and some above?

Lots of ideas run through my mind when I contemplate these ideas.  How about you? What do you think?

Take a look at the plans and think about it.

Blogging Really Is A Way To Make Money Online

There Really Is A Way To Make Money Online-Blogging 


Our mentor Rory Ricord has developed a real way to make money online Link Post Blogging.  I have been through so many attempts to make money online that I was beginning to think that all of the opportunities were scams. But then my sister who had not even been trying to make this sort of thing work found Rory.  When I heard about it a week or two later I said yes we have to get started.  I am so glad I did.

Rory Ricord is the real thing and he really is trying to help other people make money online.  He has his own operation going that we can make money off of but the big thing is he sets up our websites and helps us get them up and running.  He is really teaching us to do our own work so we understand how to make the websites function to bring in the traffic and create customers.


I have 5 years and $60,000 invested in my past experiences which were mostly scams as I said.  I just recently talked, on the phone, to an official who told me that one way to tell the difference between a scammer and a real trainer of online marketing is if you get called to start a business it may be a scammer but if you have to go find the person yourself and do the work yourself it is possibly for real.  He also said there are very few jobs online that make people money.  Even a lot of Amazon affiliates do not make a living doing that work.

Rory on the other hand, has worked online for 27 years developing his system to produce a new alternative that is called Link Post Blogging.  This combines the blogging platform with the website which puts links out and offers out to the public and drives traffic to those offers.  The two ideas combined are more powerful than either of the ideas by themselves.

Each of us owns our own website and drives our own traffic to it as we learn the ropes of Link Post Blogging. So these our own Stores Online.  We use Rory’s Offers, Click-bank Offers, Click-Partner Offers and any others we want to incorporate.  We each start adding offers that appeal to us and each website becomes individualized and no longer looks like the templet we started with. We build up our own following and start our own email marketing list.  This is really fantastic.  Check it out.

Blogging with Rory and start learning how to make money online.

Ok Gamers Come On Down Try This New Game

Ok Gamers Come On Down Try This…

There is a great new game out there that you can get and play for free.

I have found another amazing mobile game.  This is addictive, and challenging.  The game is called Deep Sea Gold Rush.  If you are looking to play competitively, look up a friend of mine and add him as a friend, his username is brunette.  This Game Makes you feel like you are right there in the movie Deep Sea Gold.  If You like games you will need to rush to Deep Sea Gold Rush. The graphics and sounds are great.

new game

You will need to develop skill, and speed for this game.  You will be timed to collect the GOLD that is DEEP in the Sea.  You have a killer claw and it is moving back and forth.  As you collect more and more gold, you earn more and more cash in this new game.

In Tournament Play – you earn more and more points that allow you to win tickets that you can redeem for actual prizes!

Deep Sea Gold Rush


Underwater exploration, mining and treasure hunting has never been so much fun.

Discover all kinds of lost bounty like gemstones, metals, coins, rare finds and hidden pirate loot in a highly engaging game that gives you a real rush. The rush is all real and all you as you play this game.  It is not made up.

You will love this game and as you get into it consider the fact that you can sign up to actually make money. There is an opportunity here not just to play very good games but to make money doing it.  So think about the money making end of fun, as well as the emotional end of successful gold mining.

new Game

To see about the financial end of the new game see me here.

Have A Wine Party? Wine Delivered to Your Door

How About A Wine Party?

Wine Delivered to Your Door!

Wine delivered to your door

Almost everyone enjoys wines and here is an opportunity to join a wine club and have fine wines from around the world delivered right to your door. Wine delivered to your door.

I have gotten my first shipment and am waiting for my second. The first was two whites and two reds and we used one of each as Christmas Gifts. The second bottle of white we used for a tasting bottle at a dinner party and the second red we kept and are drinking at home. I personally think I like the white in the first shipment the best.  It was very nice. The red is smooth and good but I could drink more of the white in a sitting than the red.

Being a member of the club gives you a chance to sample many types of wine and you always have something to look forward to.  Which will you like better out of the next shipment?  Who will you share it with and how long will it last before you are out and waiting anxiously for the next shipment to arrive?  Oh so many questions and how will you answer?

Just think of what you would do with your membership and supply of wine each month.  There is also an opportunity to go along with your membership.  You can choose to just get the wine and enjoy it or you can choose to join in the opportunity and share with others this great gift of wonderful wine and an income on the side.  The more people you introduce to the plan no mater which way they go, the more you will enjoy the plan and your friends participation will basically pay for your own wine each month.  Not bad!  Free wine for you the more people that just order the wine and share it with their friends the more you each benefit.

wine delivered to your door

Take the  time to look at the various options and think how easily you can enjoy superb wines since they will be wine delivered to your door.

Each delivery means a new chance to get together with friends and enjoy the pleasure of the new taste.

Get Glasses Online Less Cost!

Get Glasses Online Less Cost!

I think it is very interesting that a group of Eye Doctors decided to take their business online.  You can buy your glasses online much less expensively using this online source that going to the local mall and getting a very expensive pair from one of the national distributors.

Also adds come out regularly that allow you to save even on these low priced glasses online.  You need to check back regularly for the latest discount offer that is being put out there.

Glasses Online

One thing that is very nice about this company is that you can afford to have two or three extra pairs in different styles so your glasses match your mood or your clothing and accessories.

I just got finished less than a year ago (and before I knew about these glasses) paying $750 for a pair of glasses.  They did offer two for one but that did not save me from spending more than I ever had on a pair of glasses.  On top of that I am less satisfied with this pair than my previous paid which was $250 dollars less.

I intend to try this as soon as I can justify getting another pair.  I am also considering a separate pair for my computer work.  I wear progressive lenses and am beginning to think I need to just get a single prescription pair for my computer and bifocals for everyday use. I have so much trouble getting the new pair focused in for the middle distance to be comfortable on my computer.  My back is often stressed because of moving forward to see.

You may want to take advantage of this offer because of the same reasons. Another problem is the need in about 3 years of changing prescriptions on my left eye for cataract problems. The eye doctor said I will have to have surgery for that issue in about three years.

These doctors state:

They are client-oriented and make your visual needs our first priority. Their culture of dedication to integrity and honesty allows you to shop with confidence.

–”Our company strives to ensure all clients will have the best possible customer experience.”

– “Our frame sourcing and quality control protocols give you the best selection of glasses online anywhere.”

– “Our Quality Assurance optical technicians inspect your eyeglasses extensively before they are delivered.”

– We give a 90 day quality guarantee for our prescription eyeglasses, frames and sunglasses

– “Our international logistic centers allow us to provide the most stylish top quality eyeglasses at unbeatable prices to customers around the world. We are able to ship orders worldwide and service customers across the globe from our integrated, centralized international distribution center,  We have customers in more than 45 countries to whom we have delivered our quality eye wear.”

See Here for Glasses Online.

Will The World Change? Or Not in Two Days

Will The World Change? Or Not – in Two Days

Well, two more days and we will see a new President of the United States.  This will be the biggest change in many years.  I think the country needs the type of shakeup that I hope Trump is going to give it.  We have been cruising along toward more and bigger government and more spending for long enough.  We need to cut back and tighten our belts.

We need to protect the second amendment and remember that this country was made by citizens standing up for what they believed.  We are free because we want to be free.  We have to do what it takes to stay free.  We have to respect the people who help protect those of us who hold down the fort so to speak.  Some people have put their lives on the line for us and we need to respect and support them.

It is necessary that we have a strong military that is always ready to protect the country.  Poland got rolled over in the past because no one was really ready to protect it.  The United Nations did not exist as it does today.  Even if it had would anyone have got to the country quick enough to stop the mauling and take over?

Now it looks as if we might be going to repeat history again.  Has anyone or enough people taken notice of the fact that WWIII might be in the offing.  The most horrible thing is that it will take place in the same countries that WWI and WWII did. Hopefully the new administration will sit up and take notice.  Several people wondered when WWII ended if we would fight Russia next.  Well???   WWI did not end it just stalled out with treaties.  That lead right away to WWII and most people in the government and military knew it was going to happen.  Well it has been a few years, and we did not start fighting (with guns) the Russians but now look we may be about to do so.  I would hope that people come to their senses.

Each country has to let every other country exist.  The world is divided up enough.  Let each country make its own decisions for itself and not infringe on other countries.  Trade and work with other countries for common world goals do not overrun the next guy just because you can.

Russia is plenty big enough and has lots of resources.  It does not need to smash Poland to achieve anything.  In the long run, belligerence does not pay and will not work.  It may take years for the actors to figure this out but its true.  The main leaders die of and the pendulum swings back toward balance eventually.

My two cents.

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Lose your Keyless Entry Fob Replace it For Less!

Lose your Key-less Entry Fob Replace it For Less!

Key-less Entry

These remote Key-less entry devises sell themselves.  The Website supplies instructions that are easy to follow so you can program them yourself and the instructions are free.

The prices are 80% off of dealer prices so you can go to the dealer but expect much higher prices.  After you see them on the website you just have to order your own.  No need to put up with a finicky or dead remote. I have had the experience of using one about to die and getting very frustrated with it.  I have also lost at least one or two.  This is a great no effort method of replacement.

With this offer, you receive the same remote part number made for your vehicle by the manufacturer, no knock offs. This guarantees the key-less entry remote key fob you purchase from us will work with your vehicle.

The key-less entry fob comes with programming instructions and video tutorials for all sorts of key fob related topics. This is our gift to you whether a purchase is made or not.  Besides all of this we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and great phone support for our customers.

One thing to keep in mind, the key-less entry devise allows you to lock your car from a distance and even set off the alarm from a distance if you see something in a parking lot that makes you concerned for your safety or the safety of another driver.  You could even use it as a distraction if you see someone braking into a car in the parking lot.  These are quite handy devises when you think about it.

Remember our 80% discount when you need to replace your key-less entry device or when your friend says his is going out on him.


Surviving Disasters and Surviving The End Days

Surviving Disasters and Surviving The End Days

Surviving disasters

Surviving disasters is something every family should consider. Survival is a mater of planning ahead and being prepared for anything that might happen.  When you think about disasters think about New Orleans after the double whammy of hurricanes hit that city.  Some people had axes in their attics and some water and food set aside.  Some had nothing and had not considered that they could have their homes completely flooded and destroyed. Those with tools ready could cut their way through their roofs from the inside and get out which prepared them to be rescued by boat or helicopter.  Some without tools died in their attics. Some were not even able to get into their attics and died from drowning.

So it is a good idea to think about at least basic survival preparation by getting some items collected that could help you in an emergency and thinking about ways to get out of your home and out of your town if that ever became necessary.

If you make some preliminary plans you are far ahead of those people who think life is always going to rock along as it always has.  The people in Europe during both world wars found out that things do not always go as planned.  People who have their homes invaded and burglarized know that things definitely do not always go as planned.  Do you have some way to protect your family in your own home if someone comes in while you are there?  Do you know what you could do to save your family.  A young mother just recently could say yes to that question.  She was home alone because her husband had just died.  She had a young child in a crib and heard someone trying to get into her house.  She got two guns and prepared to defend her child. The person at the door would not go away and finally broke in.  She shot and killed the man and would do it again to protect her small child.  She was prepared and ready to act because she had learned to use the guns and prepared her thoughts ahead of time.

You do not have to have guns in your home if you are opposed to them.  You can get other items to protect yourself and your family but a plan is important. Surviving disasters is up to you.

If you are interested in Survive the End Days you can see a video and go further into the website by following this information.

In either case survival is a key to being ready to take your life and that of your family into your own hands and certain preparations can put you many steps ahead.

Surviving Disasters

People Interested in Games Check This Out!

Gamers, People Interested in Games Check This Out!

In our technological age, game playing on TV, phones and computers seem to be part of our everyday lives.  The graphics and player experiences are increasing in reality and vivid detail.  The days of pong have only progress to days of where what you see on your screens – be it a Large Digital 4k 120 inch screen to our Smart Phones is truly incredible.  United Games and Game Loot Network represent Sports and Interactive Social Game play through our Mobile Phones.  The access to entertainment and fun allowed through Social connections is entertaining and the 2nd fastest growing Industry with over $100 Billion in Sales.

Below are some of the Games:

Deep Sea Gold Rush:  We have found yet another amazing game.  This game is great for anyone using iOS or Android.  It is addictive and a lot of fun.  You can even win real actual prizes and earn real money.  Assuming you like games you try out and play Deep Sea Gold Rush.  Players can create social interaction with their friends and compete for prizes or just have a competition among friends.

Dynasty’s World Of Warcraft Add-on: Improve your GAME, Improve your Wealth in Game!  The game is very popular and has a following in the millions.  They have created a  Movie around the game!  If you are playing this game, you need to have this Add-on, so get the information and start learning to play to a higher level.  There is no stopping it… if you are hooked, then you need this add-on.

Frozen Treat Frenzy:  This is a fun game which works your brain cells, and becomes addictive as you line up frozen treats getting more points and moving to new levels.  Like to compete with friends to see who can do better?  Then join in the Tournament Play and win actual prizes!  Frozen Treat Frenzy can be super fun and super rewarding.

people interested in gamesGAME LOOT NETWORK is here with fun and amazing mobile app games for people interested in games.  It is available in your Apple Store and Google Play Store:  You need to sign up first – so you can have an account to play from!  Gaming App Network is always launching new games.  And the token play allows you to be able to win actual prizes. This is becoming the iTUNES of Mobile Game Apps. 

people interested in gamesSports Games Have Evolved!!! – Become a Player in the latest in Sports App Games played over IOS or Android Devices.  From the NFL, NBA, MLB, PREMIER LEAGUE, MLS, CRICKET, RUGBY, GOLF and more.  UNITED GAMES produces the Mobile App which allows you to Interact with real-life game play like never before.