Immigration Problems and Issues

I just saw a video on the rate of immigration into the United States over the last 40 or 50 years. To say the least it was shocking.

For one thing, we used to take in an average of 200,000 immigrants per year back in the 1950’s and 1960’s but then in the 1970’s Congress decided that the US would start taking in more immigrants or refugees.  Then Congress decided in the 1980’s to increase that number again. And in the 1990’s Congress decided to increase the number of immigrants coming into the US again.

None of these increases were voted on by the American people, and in fact if asked 90% approximately would answer that they did not agree with letting in more and more immigrants.

The worst thing about the situation is that we cannot absorb more than 200,000 per year on a regular basis. So now we have more people coming in than we can handle.  More than we can find jobs for.  More than we can educate or possibly even feed normally.  This might be part of why we do not have room for our homeless veterans.  They are possibly being squeezed out by immigrants.

At any rate we cannot deal with the 1 million per year that are coming in now.  This is a ridiculous number of immigrants. That is a greater population than a great number of our cities.  That is 1/3 to 1/2 the whole population of New Mexico.

This is an unsustainable situation and it must be stopped.  The numbers have to be ratcheted back to reality.  The sustainable amount is 200,000 and that is all that should get in per year.

Now none of this even considered all the illegal immigration or people who cross boarders without papers. When you add those numbers to the immigration numbers it is of course much worse.

ICE must round up and deport as many illegal immigrants as it can possibly find.  This will only help some.

Congress must be forced to change the number of legal immigrants back to 200,000 per year.  Our way of life is totally threatened.  People who are US citizens but not even born yet are going to inherit the problems created over the last 40 years with increased immigration.

Do you want your children and grand children to have a much less quality of life than yours and possibly be homeless or starving because of the Congress of the last number of years.  Most of these people you did not vote for. None of us as individuals has much control over these old congressmen.  We have to vote them out and get this immigration thing under control.

We also need term limits in Congress to try and stop the Congress from taking on a life of its own without seemingly any control by the people who they are supposed to be “serving”.  They are only serving themselves if they have a life estate.

This is something every US citizen needs to be on top of.  We need to vote out these people and get new ones that we have more control over. If something is not done this country will be ruined.

My love of this country and interest in the future will be thrown away if no one does anything to change the situation and fast.


Wow we are moving forward with Rory Ricord

Wow we are moving forward with Rory Ricord

Rory Ricord

I am listening to one of the calls for mentors and junior mentors and the information coming out is fantastic.  We are getting many leads and working toward keeping up with the mentors getting junior mentors so we will be ready to handle the numbers coming on board.

This is such a great program that can be done by anyone and help everyone who sticks with it.  You can supplement your income at first and then replace your income as long as you are willing to work with the program and bring other people up with you.

The quality of service is great and it must be kept up in order to keep the momentum going and take care of the new people coming up.

We are looking at working with getting people through some new methods and that will double the number of signups we are now working with.

I am starting to learn how to be a junior mentor and will be helping people get started with their link post blogging sites and get on board with the other opportunities we have.

Rory is working on developing new opportunities for the future which is also very exciting.  The mentors take some of the pressure off Rory so he can do things that he does best and help all of use get ahead faster.

Rory is so interesting and dynamic that it is hard to believe all that is wrapped up in one person.  He is so excited about what he has produced and what he is now putting in place.

You just have to listen to some of his calls and enthusiasm to see what I mean.  If you join us you will see what I mean.

You can go to to see what I mean.  Read about the program and about Rory.  He is now 28 years in this business.  He started off line and developed the first part of his program. Then he moved online as the internet became more important, and has taken off becoming the top person in the field that he basically designed.  That is link post blogging.  Other people used blogging and posting links but Rory put it all together and made more out of the method than any of the parts along could produce.

I am so glad I found out about this system.  I had been looking for years and I have been scammed by many but now I have the way that works.  Come look and join me.

Back From class-fairy shrimp of California

Just Got Back From a Class on the fairy shrimp of California

Fairy Shrimp of California

I got back from California and was very happy with my very small class. The class is studying the fairy shrimp of California. Everyone learned to identify the fairy shrimp of California and had a good time.  They worked hard and stuck to the task.  They all made 100 on the exam.  The test is a practical where the participants have bottles of specimens and they have their notes and they go to work.

There are from one to four species per bottle.  The test is set up like a real world test.  In other words, just like you drove down the road and collected many ponds and puddles and then brought the animals back to the lab.  You sort them and identify them and record your results.  We did not do any mapping of the specimens but using the table of coexistence one could easily see where one would normally find the species identified.

The participants must decide if what they have identified makes sense or whether they might have misidentified some animal.  Some of the results are already published and of course those are easier to get correct.  Some results have to be inferred from the type of habitat and water conditions that it is normally found in.

fairy shrimp of California

If the participants pay attention and take good notes and listen to the formal lecture they will have all the answers to the test.  The lecture is less than 1/3 of the class.  Most of the class is using the microscopes to identify the animals.  We use a key with all the parts of the animals laid out in pictures to help with the identification.  I have been studying these animals for quite a few years and have come up with some ways of looking at them that are not in the book or the key and that is why it is important for the participants to listen and get those points down in their notes.

It is a lot of fun to interact with the people and to play with the animals and I enjoy the travel.  It does get a bit tiring but I try to go to bed early each day so I have the energy to work hard with the participants.  It is my responsibility to bring them through the course with flying colors.

fairy shrimp of California

Headed For California in a Few Days

Headed For California in a Few Days

fairy shrimp

I am going to be going to California in a few days to teach a fairy shrimp identification class.  I will be giving biologists information on how to tell the 27 species apart.  Twenty five are know for the state and 2 are most likely in the Colorado desert.

Fairy Shrimp are a small fresh water crustacean that lives in temporary pools or salt plyas.  The animals over last the dry period in a cyst and then hatch out when the rain comes and grow fairly fast. Then reproduce and die as the pool dries up.

They are very interesting animals and are very hardy.  They are beautiful to watch swimming in the pools.  They move like you might think a fairy would fly except of course these are swimming.  That is how they got their name.

The largest is Branchinecta gigas  who grows to as much as six inches in length.  Mostly they are found about 11/2 to 2 inches maybe some at three but to get six inch long animals is a rare thing indeed.  The only person I know who has some that long got them from Middle Alkali Lake in California.

The most common species is Branchinecta lindahli who comes from all over California and many other states.

The reason for my going to California is that this is the state with the most species and several of them are on the Endangered Species List.

I enjoy going and doing the classes and meeting the biologists.  I have made several wonderful friends during the years.

Look these animals up on the internet and see what you think.  They are quite interesting.

Fabulous Meals and Fun in Gruene Texas

Fabulous Meals and Fun in Gruene Texas

Fabulous Meals

This is the Gristmill Restaurant in Gruene, Texas.  This is a corner of New Braunfels that is an original old settlement and a number of the buildings date back to the German settlement of the area.  Fabulous meals are the norm here.

This restaurant has on menu items and off menu specials.  We had an off menu special of baby back ribs and our sides were Gruene Beans with a special methods of cooking, and I had cold slaw. Their dressing for the cold slaw is wonderful.  My sister had mashed potatoes with gravy which is also very good.

I have had a pulled pork sandwich which my sister likes but it is a bit sweet for my taste so I do not want to repeat that one.  We went there once and had another off menu special and I cannot remember what it was right now, but we had the same sides and really enjoyed the meal a lot.

I would recommend the off menu specials most of the time. It seems they go out of their way to do those very well.

Going to the Gristmill for fabulous meals is a nice way to make an afternoon seem relaxed and special.

I would recommend having wine with the meal to make the wonderful effect of the meal last even longer.

Consider checking out our site for additional wine information and opportunities. The Texas hill country has many vineyards but we can get fabulous wines for you from around the world delivered to your door.  Just think one of the small elite vineyard might turn out to be a hill country vineyard.

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Come on over online and think about a trip to the Texas hill country and surrounding area.

Love to Camp and Fish

Love to Camp and Fish

I love to camp and I have done a lot of fishing in the past.  My mother, father, sister and I used to go down to the Texas Gulf Coast at Port Aransas and camp on the beach. We would sometimes just fish off of the pier.  Then we started staying in small cabins for a week or so and my dad bought an outboard motor.

With the motor we would rent a 16 ft aluminum boat and go into the chanel and fish for primarily gafftop. These were good fighters plus very good to eat.  One year we worked hard and caught and froze in a rented locker lots of fish.  We took them home and had a cookout for the entire church.  That was a real test of our fishing and production of eatable fish for such a large group of people.

We always had fun on those trips and I enjoyed them a lot.  When I met the man I was to marry I started taking him down with us.  My parents loved him like a son and we all got along very well.  He loved the trips and the fishing.

I was just watching a fishing show on TV which showed a many who was helping catch and tag fish to understand more about them and to see how large a green sturgeon they could come up with out of that particular river. He and the game and fish people he was working with caught a number of white sturgeons and were tagging them.  When they were pulling in the nets to head home they caught a green sturgeon.  It was only about 2.5 to 3 feet long and look to weight about 30 pounds but they tagged it and let it go.  It was very young the game warden said.  The show was very interesting and continued on with the two men going out in a small boat with outboard motor to fish with poles to try and catch one of the green sturgeons.  I saw them catch a salmon but I had to leave so I do not know if they got a large green sturgeon or not.  But it was fun to watch them trying.

I sometimes wonder what makes those shows which are crosses between reality and documentary work.  But then I really get interested in them when I start watching one.  I am a biologist so there is a natural interest there and I usually do not get board.

I have some travel offers on our website and I would imagine you could work in a fishing trip if you tried.

Chores Do Have to Get Done

Chores Do Have to Get Done

Today I was out cleaning out the horse barn. I put round bales of hay in and she eats on it for about a month and then there is a big mess of manure and left over hay that has to come out before the next bale can got in.

I usually spread this job over several days because I do not have the stamina I used to have.  I am 71 years old and an avid horse lover.  I take the manure and hay mix out and spread it on the pasture area the horse is allowed to run in.  This gives the ground new nutrients and some moisture control so everything does not just drain away in a hard rain.

When I moved in with my sister five years ago I took over the pasture cleaning and house and barn maintenance.  My sister is in this business with me but she is not as physically able to do the outdoor work as I am.  She did buy a tractor  so I could really get the place in better shape more quickly.  The pastures were full of cactus and brush that was taking over the area the cows were supposed to be grazing.

I noticed that the grass was not getting what it needed and was being shaded by the cactus and brush.   So I started by hand clearing cactus and cutting brush with a sawsall.  I used an old lawn tractor to pull a small trailer around so I could collect the cactus and brush and limbs in it and carry them to the burn piles.  I have burned a lot of brush by now.

The tractor allows me to knock down young ceder trees and push them out of the ground with a rock bucket. Then I can pick them up with the rock bucket and take them to the burn pile.  Cedar burns fast and hot which set the other brush on fire without problems of trying to relight the fire all the time.

In Texas we have lots of times when it is too hot or dry to burn so we have to be aware of when the burn ban is on and off.  This year has been fairly moist so not too many burn bans have been declared.

I have been using the rock bucket to rake the top of the ground and move rocks and other natural material that I am not burning into rows to help hold the dirt and rain.  This will allow the water to remain on the pasture longer and keep from washing the dirt away.  The dirt is very thin anyway because of the rocky ground in the Texas hill country.  So building up some soil is very important to getting more grass for the cows.

I would like to invite you to my website for many wonderful and useful offers.

A Day Can Be Very Sad and Full of Joy

A Day Can Be Very Sad and Full of Joy

I just saw a news article that said that Zuzu Vert from Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas has been found.  She went missing in October of 2016.  Her boyfriend has been arrested on obstruction of justus charges along with other charges and he is consider the killer. The Sheriff, FBI, Boarder Patrol and others where involved in the case. Search was carried out on foot, horseback, and by helicopter.

The remains were found six miles west of Alpine in a shallow grave.  Having traveled those roads on many occasions I know they are not crowded and they can be desolate.

The young lady’s father said that the boyfriend was no where in sight when the search parties were formed and he did not help in hunting for Zuzu.  That was strange as far as the girl’s family was concerned and the deputies also considered the boyfriend a suspect at that time.  Now the family of the boyfriend is considered also involved.  This is a sad note to think that other family members of the boyfriend would put up with the behavior he displayed and the cover up of the murder.

Sul Ross is a small university of approximately 2100 students and so it is a close knit group so the death has affected the whole group and probably the whole town as it is also small. This is an unusual happening for this area.  Rarely do these people have abductions and murders. I would expect to find such things happening in much larger cities.  This incident will be the talk of the town for years to come.

I personally have known students from Sul Ross and they are very nice people.  I love the West Texas area it is so beautiful and with wide open spaces that make you feel you can see forever. I have camped out there and done a lot of rock hunting in the area.  The volcanic nature of many of the hills means semi-precious stones are in abundance.  I have enjoyed horseback vacations in Big Bend National Park one of the big draws for West Texas.

I know that Zuzu’s mother is very sad this day but yet glad that her daughter has been found.  There is a certain relief when one knows what has happened and is not just in limbo.

Protect your self and your family and be alert to people around you.


Fast Potty Training Ready For This Step?

Fast Potty Training Ready For This Step?

Of course, none of us adults remember this step in our lives, it was just too long ago.  However, it is necessary for every small child to acquire this skill, as you know and fast potty training can improve your life and your child’s life.

So to reduce the frustration and to improve the learning experience for your child please check out this page on my website.  It will be one of the ways to pat your self on the back and say good job when the training goes easily and fast.

Fast potty training

I would hope this method will allow you to enjoy your child rearing years far more than if you struggled for a long time to achieve this training and your child became embarrassed because they did not know what the other kids they encountered already knew. The embarrassment could cause your child to resent you and you may not even know what is wrong.

Short training time, at the right time, is a key to this phase of your child’s growth and development.

fast potty training

Get the job done and move on.  You child will appreciate you and not have any bad feelings left over from the training experience.

Visit this page of my website and then enjoy looking around at the other offers.  You may find several you can make use of. is here to help your life be simple and productive. Come back often and see the new pages that will be added.

Some Days are just That Way

Some Days are just That Way

With the news what it is, and the constant buzz on twitter following the news all about what happened in the shooting in a Canadian mosque and then the ban on immigrants in the US, one gets a bit tired of the same old thing.

We should be glad that the shooter in Canada was caught and will be prosecuted.  We should be glad the election is over for the next four years.  Now is the time to accept the fact that Trump is the president and start figuring out how best to help make America Great again.

We must support our military and veterans. The put their lives on the line so we could be free to say what we wanted to say and vote how we wanted to vote.  Accept the results and make it work for America.  The veterans and current military are what stand between us and unthinkable dictatorship or some other form of suppression and servitude that many countries lived with for far too long.

How do we each contribute to the overall good of the United States?  We have to come up with ways to make this country work for us and everyone else in it.  We need to be safe or we need laws that allow us to carry guns to protect ourselves.

Iceland has the highest or nearly the highest number of guns per person but one of the lowest violent crime rates for any nation.  Why can we not achieve that?  Look a Chicago and see we have a long way to go.  It is only January 30, 2017 and Chicago has 200 shooting deaths this year already.  Its about time for a curfew and send in the army.  That city has a problem.  The criminals have the guns and the citizens do not have enough of them.

Something needs to be corrected and changed. Start here to protect your family.

Relax and sip a nice glass of wine.