Will The World Change? Or Not in Two Days

Will The World Change? Or Not – in Two Days

Well, two more days and we will see a new President of the United States.  This will be the biggest change in many years.  I think the country needs the type of shakeup that I hope Trump is going to give it.  We have been cruising along toward more and bigger government and more spending for long enough.  We need to cut back and tighten our belts.

We need to protect the second amendment and remember that this country was made by citizens standing up for what they believed.  We are free because we want to be free.  We have to do what it takes to stay free.  We have to respect the people who help protect those of us who hold down the fort so to speak.  Some people have put their lives on the line for us and we need to respect and support them.

It is necessary that we have a strong military that is always ready to protect the country.  Poland got rolled over in the past because no one was really ready to protect it.  The United Nations did not exist as it does today.  Even if it had would anyone have got to the country quick enough to stop the mauling and take over?

Now it looks as if we might be going to repeat history again.  Has anyone or enough people taken notice of the fact that WWIII might be in the offing.  The most horrible thing is that it will take place in the same countries that WWI and WWII did. Hopefully the new administration will sit up and take notice.  Several people wondered when WWII ended if we would fight Russia next.  Well???   WWI did not end it just stalled out with treaties.  That lead right away to WWII and most people in the government and military knew it was going to happen.  Well it has been a few years, and we did not start fighting (with guns) the Russians but now look we may be about to do so.  I would hope that people come to their senses.

Each country has to let every other country exist.  The world is divided up enough.  Let each country make its own decisions for itself and not infringe on other countries.  Trade and work with other countries for common world goals do not overrun the next guy just because you can.

Russia is plenty big enough and has lots of resources.  It does not need to smash Poland to achieve anything.  In the long run, belligerence does not pay and will not work.  It may take years for the actors to figure this out but its true.  The main leaders die of and the pendulum swings back toward balance eventually.

My two cents.

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Lose your Keyless Entry Fob Replace it For Less!

Lose your Key-less Entry Fob Replace it For Less!

Key-less Entry

These remote Key-less entry devises sell themselves.  The Website supplies instructions that are easy to follow so you can program them yourself and the instructions are free.

The prices are 80% off of dealer prices so you can go to the dealer but expect much higher prices.  After you see them on the website you just have to order your own.  No need to put up with a finicky or dead remote. I have had the experience of using one about to die and getting very frustrated with it.  I have also lost at least one or two.  This is a great no effort method of replacement.

With this offer, you receive the same remote part number made for your vehicle by the manufacturer, no knock offs. This guarantees the key-less entry remote key fob you purchase from us will work with your vehicle.

The key-less entry fob comes with programming instructions and video tutorials for all sorts of key fob related topics. This is our gift to you whether a purchase is made or not.  Besides all of this we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and great phone support for our customers.

One thing to keep in mind, the key-less entry devise allows you to lock your car from a distance and even set off the alarm from a distance if you see something in a parking lot that makes you concerned for your safety or the safety of another driver.  You could even use it as a distraction if you see someone braking into a car in the parking lot.  These are quite handy devises when you think about it.

Remember our 80% discount when you need to replace your key-less entry device or when your friend says his is going out on him.


Surviving Disasters and Surviving The End Days

Surviving Disasters and Surviving The End Days

Surviving disasters

Surviving disasters is something every family should consider. Survival is a mater of planning ahead and being prepared for anything that might happen.  When you think about disasters think about New Orleans after the double whammy of hurricanes hit that city.  Some people had axes in their attics and some water and food set aside.  Some had nothing and had not considered that they could have their homes completely flooded and destroyed. Those with tools ready could cut their way through their roofs from the inside and get out which prepared them to be rescued by boat or helicopter.  Some without tools died in their attics. Some were not even able to get into their attics and died from drowning.

So it is a good idea to think about at least basic survival preparation by getting some items collected that could help you in an emergency and thinking about ways to get out of your home and out of your town if that ever became necessary.

If you make some preliminary plans you are far ahead of those people who think life is always going to rock along as it always has.  The people in Europe during both world wars found out that things do not always go as planned.  People who have their homes invaded and burglarized know that things definitely do not always go as planned.  Do you have some way to protect your family in your own home if someone comes in while you are there?  Do you know what you could do to save your family.  A young mother just recently could say yes to that question.  She was home alone because her husband had just died.  She had a young child in a crib and heard someone trying to get into her house.  She got two guns and prepared to defend her child. The person at the door would not go away and finally broke in.  She shot and killed the man and would do it again to protect her small child.  She was prepared and ready to act because she had learned to use the guns and prepared her thoughts ahead of time.

You do not have to have guns in your home if you are opposed to them.  You can get other items to protect yourself and your family but a plan is important. Surviving disasters is up to you.

If you are interested in Survive the End Days you can see a video and go further into the website by following this information.

In either case survival is a key to being ready to take your life and that of your family into your own hands and certain preparations can put you many steps ahead.

Surviving Disasters

People Interested in Games Check This Out!

Gamers, People Interested in Games Check This Out!

In our technological age, game playing on TV, phones and computers seem to be part of our everyday lives.  The graphics and player experiences are increasing in reality and vivid detail.  The days of pong have only progress to days of where what you see on your screens – be it a Large Digital 4k 120 inch screen to our Smart Phones is truly incredible.  United Games and Game Loot Network represent Sports and Interactive Social Game play through our Mobile Phones.  The access to entertainment and fun allowed through Social connections is entertaining and the 2nd fastest growing Industry with over $100 Billion in Sales.

Below are some of the Games:

Deep Sea Gold Rush:  We have found yet another amazing game.  This game is great for anyone using iOS or Android.  It is addictive and a lot of fun.  You can even win real actual prizes and earn real money.  Assuming you like games you try out and play Deep Sea Gold Rush.  Players can create social interaction with their friends and compete for prizes or just have a competition among friends.

Dynasty’s World Of Warcraft Add-on: Improve your GAME, Improve your Wealth in Game!  The game is very popular and has a following in the millions.  They have created a  Movie around the game!  If you are playing this game, you need to have this Add-on, so get the information and start learning to play to a higher level.  There is no stopping it… if you are hooked, then you need this add-on.

Frozen Treat Frenzy:  This is a fun game which works your brain cells, and becomes addictive as you line up frozen treats getting more points and moving to new levels.  Like to compete with friends to see who can do better?  Then join in the Tournament Play and win actual prizes!  Frozen Treat Frenzy can be super fun and super rewarding.

people interested in gamesGAME LOOT NETWORK is here with fun and amazing mobile app games for people interested in games.  It is available in your Apple Store and Google Play Store:  You need to sign up first – so you can have an account to play from!  Gaming App Network is always launching new games.  And the token play allows you to be able to win actual prizes. This is becoming the iTUNES of Mobile Game Apps. 

people interested in gamesSports Games Have Evolved!!! – Become a Player in the latest in Sports App Games played over IOS or Android Devices.  From the NFL, NBA, MLB, PREMIER LEAGUE, MLS, CRICKET, RUGBY, GOLF and more.  UNITED GAMES produces the Mobile App which allows you to Interact with real-life game play like never before.


Beauty Sales For Less! Now 72 Hour Sale!

Beauty Sales For Less and Now 72 Hour Sale

We have a beauty savings happening going on right now for the next 72 hours. Get in on this fabulous opportunity to pick up some of your favorite items for less.  You must act in the next 72 hours or this offer will be gone.

Beauty sales for less beauty sales for less beauty sales for less beauty sales for less

You can buy some of these beauty sales products for yourself and some for gifts you need later in the year.  Be sure and think ahead.  You will not always be offered these low sales prices.

We want your business all year around and will work toward making you happy but only certain super low prices can be available at a few days during the year.  Take advantage of this offer today do not wait till it runs out of time.  Time is the constant marching on so take advantage of this now.  Being online you can reach the store 24/7 and shop even when you cannot sleep.

Be sure and remember that we ship world wide so you can shop form anywhere on the earth and get your beauty sales for less needs met.

We have your needs for personal care, bath and body, foot care, bust care, and we carry message oils, items for swimming care just anything you can think of we are trying to have for you.

We also have oral care, feminine hygiene and products for hair care.  Household products are available plus antiperspirant supplies.

Beauty Sales for less in the next 72 hours only.

If you have a daughter old enough for makeup and beauty products just think of what you and she can get and save at the same time.  Everyone needs to think of their budget but also of how they present themselves at the various places they go around town and at parties.  You can wait and buy later but it will be more.

So I beg you to act now and take advantage of these offers.

APPs Can Earn You Income Did You Know

APPs Can Earn You Income Did You Know That?

Do you know what an APP is?  Ask your four year old and they will explain it to you.  APPs are the things on your phone that allow you to connect to sites on the internet. APPs have to be designed by someone and each time they are used someone gets paid for their good idea designing each particular APP.

Would you like to get paid for designing an APP?  By going to the location on my website you can read all about it.  You do not need specialized code training.  You need to put on your thinking cap and design something people will be glad to use.


In 2014 Cisco Systems, one of the foremost technology companies, recognized that cell phone use and APPs were going to be increasing in a fantastic way over the next number of years. This means that APPs have to be designed for all the new businesses and applications such as games that will be found on your phone or on the internet connected to your phone.

You can get in on this business opportunity by connecting to my website and reading about the opportunity open to all who are interested.

If you are technology oriented this could be a lot of fun but even if you are just looking for multiple streams of income you could take advantage of this particular opportunity and have a monthly income from your design.


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Clothing and Apparel Accessories Online See Us Now!

Clothing and Apparel Accessories Online See Us Now!

clothing and apparel accessories Clothing and apparel accessories clothing and apparel accessories

Fast Bunny Offer.com has affordable clothing and apparel accessories for women that will make you think twice about spending time in malls looking for bargains and not finding what you really want. Shopping with us online will allow you the relaxation of sitting in your own home.  Having a cup of tea or coffee while you shop.  Think about it what could be simpler.  You find it, like the item, order it and find it in your mail a few days later.


Fast Bunny Offer.com also is offering fashion conscious clothing for women so they may feel ready for any occasion.  If we do not have what you want on the Affordable Women’s Clothing line then visit the Fashion line of women’s clothing and find exactly what you want for that special party or event.  Women esspecially are usually interested in appearing at a function in something new and different.  Women want the clothing they ware to make a statement and that is exactly what we offer you at our Women’s Clothing That Impresses site.

clothing and apparel accessories

In the line for Clothing that impresses we offer Men’s Clothing also.  Be sure and check out the latest in fashion cloths for men.  Seasonal offerings appear and just the right item for the club.

Clothing and apparel accessories

Now Fast Bunny Offer.com also has Prescription Glasses online so you do not have to worry about obtaining those from some store front now.  We are proud to present Prescription Glasses made by conscientious eye doctors with perfection in mind.  These doctors want you to have the best glasses available.  They also have non-prescription glasses and sunglasses.  We want you to have the convenience of shopping in your own home.  We want you to book mark our site and come back often to see what is new and order old favorites.

Did You Know About SUV Third Seat Theft?


Did You Know About SUV Third Seat Theft?

Wow, I have just found out about the problem with SUV third seat theft out of General Motors SUV’s.  I did not know this was happening.  It is getting worse by the year and a very inventive person came up with a solution.

You should all know about this information to help protect your vehicle or to tell friends and family so they can protect their vehicles.  This product locks the third row seats to the vehicle so they cannot just be lifted out.

The time it takes for a thief to break into a vehicle and remove the third row seats is just seconds.  You may not even know they were there until you walk out to get your SUV and find out that it has been broken into.

Take time to look at the product and watch the video.  Everyone with a General Motors SUV needs to take heed.

Protect your vehicle!

Check out the Xtralock.  SUV third seat theft

The design of the General Motors third row seats is made so the owner can remove the third row seats to allow a larger space for cargo in the back half of the vehicle.  This is very convenient for the owner of the vehicle especially for a camping trip, hunting trip, or vacation of almost any kind where a larger amount of cargo is going to be needed.  But, What is convenient for the owner is also convenient for the thief.

These third row seats are bringing close to $2500 per set on some black market transactions.  If the thief is unlucky he might only get $1500.  But for the vehicle owner the problems can be much more involved. What if the door is damaged and has to be replaced.  The owner will have to replace the third row seats also.  The owner has to deal with an insurance claim and those take time and energy.  Most owners will have $250 to $500 to pay out of pocket for deductibles. Not to mention the emotional toll of having to find your vehicle broken into and/or damaged in the process.

Take a look at Xtralock and save yourself this experience.

Healthy Oil Could Save Your Life

 Coconut Oil can Revitalize your Body

coconut oil

“Here’s a newsflash I’m sure won’t surprise you… nothing concocted in a laboratory can ever replace the value of what is found in nature!”

“Mother Nature is incredibly generous in the way she provides – offering a bounty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients to nourish your body so you can enjoy a long healthy life.”

“One fruit in particular – the coconut – is so abundant in its healing properties it’s referred to as “the tree of life.” And before World War II, people living in island countries, like the Philippines, consumed a diet that consisted mainly of rice, root crops, vegetables and an abundance of the ultra-healing superfood, the coconut.”

“The coconut is a “functional food” rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber – the essential nutritional building blocks for perfect health.  These building blocks actually protect each cell in your body and that is how it helps revitalize you.”

“Before World War II, the miracle-healing coconut had been used to help alleviate:

  • Coughs
  • Constipation
  • Malnutrition
  • Skin infections
  • Toothaches
  • Earaches
  • Flus
  • And more!”

It is also felt that coconut oil consumed regularly can help your brain and thinking processes.  I have been impressed with what I have read about coconut oil and have started including it in my diet. You can eat the meat of the coconut purchased from your grocery store or you can purchase coconut oil from the oil or baking sections of the grocery store.  You need not go out of your way to find the nutritious product.

Coconut oil can also be taken as a supplement so go here and read the information about the natural supplement and follow the link to order some.

I have always tried to keep myself as healthy as possible and by doing this have staved off breast cancer and made fast recoveries after surgery.  I am in my early 70’s and maintain a 15 acre property.  In the last five years I have removed literally tons of cactus and scrub brush off the property, much of it by hand.  I drive a 40 horse power tractor, pull cattle to market in a stock trailer, haul round bails of hay, feed animals, work online in several businesses and fly to California to teach a three day biology class.

Hope  you find how you can improve your own health through this blogging site and our offers.  My sister and I run this together.

Fine Wines are now Available at Your Door Step

Fine Wines are now Available at Your Door Step


Fine fines can be yours at your door step.  These are not ordinary wines but are fine wines from small elite vinyards around the world.  It is important that you understand this is not something you can pick up locally.  This is wine you will have friends raving about after they try them. These are fine wines you will love to drink and serve.

fine wines

The reason these wines are not available locally is that they often do not get shipped out of the area around where they are produced.  Travel is expensive and one would only get to try a few wines if one traveled to any one elite winery.  This opportunity gives you greater access to these wines and requires no travel expense.

The company doing this has been in business for 30 years and is not new to the market or going anywhere soon.  The United States has the largest wine consumption of any country in the world and it is growing at 15% per year.  This is quite a good number for any business’s growth potential. The company has changed its Marketing Plan and is now selling with a direct distributor plan.  You can get into this as a customer or as a direct distributor.

 If you like parties do your next one as a wine tasting party.

fine wines  I know I love a very good glass of wine but often do not go out of my way to get local wines because I do not find them very satisfying many times. I do like a very few and so do not experiment enough.  I am looking forward to my delivery next Friday so I can report on the results in person. I will get back to you about my experience with the new tastes.

This is my and my sister’s Christmas Present to ourselves.