Oxidative Stress is Basis of Disease

Oxidative Stress is Basis of Disease

Do you understand that your cells are the basis of life? The DNA controls what happens in your cells. Oxidative stress damages your cells and is the beginning of most diseases. Stop oxidative stress with your own body mechanisms.  Your own DNA can produce antioxidants by the millions as apposed to just taking a little bit of antioxidants by ingesting vitamins. My little wonder pill taken daily can activate your DNA to produce millions of antioxidants and help stop oxidative stress from damaging your cells.

Once you start to understand how oxidative stress damages your cells you can move on to understanding that oxidative stress causes inflammation. Inflammation causes many other issues within your body and can lead to many diseases.

Oxidative stress can cause inflammation and then inflammation can cause disease. Partly this is due to the accumulation of damaged cells that are not being repaired fast enough.  Taking in antioxidants from exterior sources such as vitamins and food cannot keep up with the amount of damage one receives daily.  Activation of your own DNA to produce your own antioxidants internally is vital. As a person ages there is less and less antioxidants produced by your DNA under normal conditions. So activating your DNA to produce more is vital.

To this date, there is only one known way to activate your DNA and that is by taking our little wonder pill. It is made up of natural ingredients and the combination of those causes a synergy which makes the activation of your DNA so much more effective than any one of the ingredients alone. This is a patented product. We hold a number of patents on the companies products. The patents can be issued because trials have been run and other research has been done, that proves the products work. The company that makes this little wonder pill is publicly traded which gives another example of the quality of the company and its products.

Inside this website is a page of information and a link that takes you to my website. From there you may read other information about the science of the products and reach me for a lot more information. I would love to help you with your longevity and health. Once you see the way the little wonder pills work you can make up your own mind how it might help you.

Remember your health is the most important thing you have in life. Without health, life is difficult.