What Oxidation Does Damaging Cells

What Oxidation Does Damaging Cells and How to Correct the Oxidation Affects

Antioxidants are what the body needs to reverse the damage done by oxidation in the cells. Oxidation is like the rusting of iron. It will eventually cause holes to develop in the iron and with enough time it completely eats away the iron.

This video is very instructive about how this process works. First to damage the cells and then to come back and repair the cells. The problem with the solution we have all been using with vitamins and healthy foods is that they are acting one on one. You would have to eat bottles of Vitamin C to get enough per day to correct the damage done to your body in one day.  This sound discouraging and it is.  That is why there is a lot of research being done on the biology of oxidative stress.

Oxidative Stress

little wonder pill

A cutting edge scientist and his lab have come up with a product they call Nrf2 which goes into the cell and activates the DNA of your cells to create the particles that neutralize the affects of the damage caused by oxidation. When Nrf2 does this millions of particles are released not just one. With millions released, the body is actually healing its self and not dependent on antioxidants from outside like vitamin pills.

This process can heal damaged cells before they form enough damaged cells to become a disease. Also it has been found that these particles activated by one pill of Nrf2 per day, can stay in the body for 13 days if not used. This means they form a reservoir of protection for your body. With one little wonder pill per day you are protecting your body for longer than one day.  You need to take the little wonder pills for 30 days to build up enough of a reservoir to be sure you are getting the best possible affect.  Then keep up the one pill a day to keep the reservoir filled.

It has been found through research, that this little wonder pill can increase longevity.  This makes sense because if it kills off damage from oxidation it is improving your body from the inside out. With an improved body you would expect to live a longer better life.

Example of the Little Wonder Pill in Action

One lady I know has a son with a heart valve problem and his heart on one side was not pumping at normal capacity. In fact it was pumping at about 1/2 normal and he had a heart pump put in. His mother put him on the little wonder pill and one year later the doctors tested him and that side of his heart was now pumping at full strength.

There are many examples of people that have been helped and had their bodies correct the oxidative stress by simply adding the pill. The company does not say the pill itself is going to cure anything. What it does is set up your body to help cure itself.

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