New Research on Kidney Disease

Dr. Mark Gordon texted this from a conference “I’m sitting in a conference titled “Metabolomics and Kidney Disease.”  In this presentation the Professor discussed the primary reason for decline in kidney function is related to a decline in mitochondrial function. Another contributor is increase NOX4 activity which generates reactive oxygen species and the subsequent oxidative stress further damages the kidney. So, this professor stated these are the new targets being examined to protect kidneys in diabetes. 1.  Improve mitochondrial function and 2.  Reduce oxidative stress. Hmmm……  How might this be done? — in Boston, Massachusetts.”

What is oxidative stress?  We all should learn this as it is very important in understanding the damage from daily life to your cells.

Mitochondrial function can be improved by use of a new natural pill that has been developed to go along with an even more important little wonder pill that activates your own cells to have the DNA create antioxidants by the millions. With your own DNA putting out millions of antioxidants your body can go a long way toward healing itself. The reduction of oxidative stress by these millions of antioxidants reduces inflammation.

Inflammation is at the base of almost all diseases. If you can reduce the oxidative stress thus reducing the inflammation in your body you can expect to live a longer healthier life.

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Our interest is in your good health and well being. I have my own longevity and health in mind and have been on the products for 4 months now. I was having stiff fingers in the mornings and soreness in the base of my thumbs.  That has cleared up and my hands are not normally stiff in the mornings now. Also I have a damaged middle knuckle on my second finger on my right hand.  That finger has not been able to touch my palm for a number of years. I can use it to do almost anything but make a strong fist. Now as of just a week ago I can get that finger to touch my palm so it actually can hold something without the other fingers needing to help. All of this is a result of reduction of oxidative stress and reduction of inflammation in the hands and fingers.

Please do take advantage of learning about this new scientific breakthrough in natural remedies. Your health is worth it!