Blogging Really Is A Way To Make Money Online

There Really Is A Way To Make Money Online-Blogging 


Our mentor Rory Ricord has developed a real way to make money online Link Post Blogging.  I have been through so many attempts to make money online that I was beginning to think that all of the opportunities were scams. But then my sister who had not even been trying to make this sort of thing work found Rory.  When I heard about it a week or two later I said yes we have to get started.  I am so glad I did.

Rory Ricord is the real thing and he really is trying to help other people make money online.  He has his own operation going that we can make money off of but the big thing is he sets up our websites and helps us get them up and running.  He is really teaching us to do our own work so we understand how to make the websites function to bring in the traffic and create customers.


I have 5 years and $60,000 invested in my past experiences which were mostly scams as I said.  I just recently talked, on the phone, to an official who told me that one way to tell the difference between a scammer and a real trainer of online marketing is if you get called to start a business it may be a scammer but if you have to go find the person yourself and do the work yourself it is possibly for real.  He also said there are very few jobs online that make people money.  Even a lot of Amazon affiliates do not make a living doing that work.

Rory on the other hand, has worked online for 27 years developing his system to produce a new alternative that is called Link Post Blogging.  This combines the blogging platform with the website which puts links out and offers out to the public and drives traffic to those offers.  The two ideas combined are more powerful than either of the ideas by themselves.

Each of us owns our own website and drives our own traffic to it as we learn the ropes of Link Post Blogging. So these our own Stores Online.  We use Rory’s Offers, Click-bank Offers, Click-Partner Offers and any others we want to incorporate.  We each start adding offers that appeal to us and each website becomes individualized and no longer looks like the templet we started with. We build up our own following and start our own email marketing list.  This is really fantastic.  Check it out.

Blogging with Rory and start learning how to make money online.