Love to Camp and Fish

Love to Camp and Fish

I love to camp and I have done a lot of fishing in the past.  My mother, father, sister and I used to go down to the Texas Gulf Coast at Port Aransas and camp on the beach. We would sometimes just fish off of the pier.  Then we started staying in small cabins for a week or so and my dad bought an outboard motor.

With the motor we would rent a 16 ft aluminum boat and go into the chanel and fish for primarily gafftop. These were good fighters plus very good to eat.  One year we worked hard and caught and froze in a rented locker lots of fish.  We took them home and had a cookout for the entire church.  That was a real test of our fishing and production of eatable fish for such a large group of people.

We always had fun on those trips and I enjoyed them a lot.  When I met the man I was to marry I started taking him down with us.  My parents loved him like a son and we all got along very well.  He loved the trips and the fishing.

I was just watching a fishing show on TV which showed a many who was helping catch and tag fish to understand more about them and to see how large a green sturgeon they could come up with out of that particular river. He and the game and fish people he was working with caught a number of white sturgeons and were tagging them.  When they were pulling in the nets to head home they caught a green sturgeon.  It was only about 2.5 to 3 feet long and look to weight about 30 pounds but they tagged it and let it go.  It was very young the game warden said.  The show was very interesting and continued on with the two men going out in a small boat with outboard motor to fish with poles to try and catch one of the green sturgeons.  I saw them catch a salmon but I had to leave so I do not know if they got a large green sturgeon or not.  But it was fun to watch them trying.

I sometimes wonder what makes those shows which are crosses between reality and documentary work.  But then I really get interested in them when I start watching one.  I am a biologist so there is a natural interest there and I usually do not get board.

I have some travel offers on our website and I would imagine you could work in a fishing trip if you tried.