Longevity & Fried Foods & Free Radicals

Check out this Video! Free Radicals are damaging your Cells. Fried Foods are loaded with Free Radicals!

You know that fried foods are not especially good for you right? But here is another reason to reduce the number of times you eat fried foods. Listen to this short video. This is a doctor speaking.

Think carefully about how you want to live your life. If you would like to get more health years out of your life one way to do that is reduce intake of fried foods.

Exercise is important

Just walking for 30 minutes a day can help your health tremendously. We are not telling you that hitting the gym is the absolute necessity many people talk about. We are saying just do something to improve your health like walking 30 minutes per day. Take the dog for a 30 minute walk around the closest two or three block in your neighborhood.

Free Radicals damage your cells

The reason so many people take a lot of vitamins and particularly vitamin C and B complex is to add antioxidants to their body. Eating the proper foods like dark green vegetables can add antioxidants to your body.  Antioxidants disable free radicals. Basically antioxidants convert free radicals to a non-destructive form. There for you need all the antioxidants you can get.

New Science Breakthrough

The cutting edge of health science today is that a little wonder pill exists now. This pill is all natural and contains 5 ingredients. This little wonder pill is a Nrf2 activator. It goes into your body and contacts the cells then tells the cells to start making your own antioxidants. The body responds and then starts healing itself from the inside out. This may not solve every problem but it will help many issues.  Many diseases start from free radical damage to our cells.

To learn more about all this and the little wonder pill see this link.