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Explorers and adventurers have been traveling in India for many hundreds of years.  Trading drove the first people to India along with the desire to subdue the land and take over the territory for themselves.  Armies were interested in the riches of other countries which were desired for what they could be used for to further the territorial desires of one king or another.  The more riches they accumulated the more territory they could take over to accumulate more riches.  A never ending cycle.

My husband was a scientist and got to go to India twice on grants from the Smithsonian to study the fairy shrimp of India.  He produced the paper on those trips and published it.  For scientists a publication is the conquest they are looking for along with the knowledge they have gathered from the research and collecting. I know he would loved to have been able to learn the language before he went over but like many Americans he was limited to English with some Spanish on the side which would not actually help in India.