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keyless-entry keyless-entry

These remote entry devises sell themselves.  You can program them yourself and you get free instructions.

The prices are 80% of of dealer prices so do not go to the dealer and expect these prices.  After you see them on the website you just have to order your own.  No need to put up with a finicky or dead remote.

I put up with one for years and wish I had had the connection with this online suppler that I am giving you now.

Go here and see the website from the start.

Example of Keyless Entry Fobs

Keyless entry keyless entry Keyless entrykeyless entry

Ford                                         Hyundai                             Toyota                                     Jeep


What offer is that you receive the same remote part number that was made for your vehicle, no knock offs. This guarantees the keyless entry remote key fob you purchase from us will work with your vehicle.

We also provide free of charge key fob programming instructions and video tutorials for all sorts of key fob related topics. This is our gift to you whether you purchase a remote from us or not.

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 Cars and trucks with Key fobs and car entry remotes allow drivers to lock, unlock, open the trunk and set off the alarm of their car without getting near the vehicle. When a driver needs an extra or replacement key fob they instinctively purchase a car entry remote fob from a local dealership, thinking this is their only option but as you can clearly see it is not. What car dealerships don’t want you to know is that car entry remotes can be purchased online and easily programmed at home. Save 50% or up to 80% on remote entry fobs Here.
Batteries and other cool stuff can be purchased from up online also.  You just have to start here.