Want to Increase your Longevity!

Have you ever thought how you can increase your longevity? You can just read below and follow the links!

Increase your Longevity!

You are what you eat has been a statement followed by science for a number of years now.  You are also what your parents ate and what your grandparents ate.  Believe it or not this has been researched and found to be a reality. If you are interested in your health and longevity this video below from a TED conference goes into a bit of depth about this sort of thing. It is about 11 minutes long.

You can skip this video if you are not really interested in the science aspects of how your food affects your life. But it really does enlighten those interested in this.

How Does Your Body React to Time and Stress?

Your genes do have to be turned on and off depending on what you are trying to accomplish in your life. It turnes out that when you are young you have more product in your blood that kills free radicals or oxidation.  When you are stressed or you do not eat foods good for your body you have oxidative stress.  This is the modern term for free radicals that was being used 30 years ago.

So as you age and as you eat you create lots of free radicals in your body. If you do not have the product in your body to kill these oxidants your body “rusts” so to speak. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just turn a fire hose on the oxidants and get rid of them?  Of course it would! That is why we take B vitamins and C Vitamins to kill free radicals or “rust” in our bodies.

But you take those vitamins and they act on a few oxidants till they are worn out. But there are millions of oxidants and only 100’s of vitamins.  You never catch up.

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