Immigration Problems and Issues

I just saw a video on the rate of immigration into the United States over the last 40 or 50 years. To say the least it was shocking.

For one thing, we used to take in an average of 200,000 immigrants per year back in the 1950’s and 1960’s but then in the 1970’s Congress decided that the US would start taking in more immigrants or refugees.  Then Congress decided in the 1980’s to increase that number again. And in the 1990’s Congress decided to increase the number of immigrants coming into the US again.

None of these increases were voted on by the American people, and in fact if asked 90% approximately would answer that they did not agree with letting in more and more immigrants.

The worst thing about the situation is that we cannot absorb more than 200,000 per year on a regular basis. So now we have more people coming in than we can handle.  More than we can find jobs for.  More than we can educate or possibly even feed normally.  This might be part of why we do not have room for our homeless veterans.  They are possibly being squeezed out by immigrants.

At any rate we cannot deal with the 1 million per year that are coming in now.  This is a ridiculous number of immigrants. That is a greater population than a great number of our cities.  That is 1/3 to 1/2 the whole population of New Mexico.

This is an unsustainable situation and it must be stopped.  The numbers have to be ratcheted back to reality.  The sustainable amount is 200,000 and that is all that should get in per year.

Now none of this even considered all the illegal immigration or people who cross boarders without papers. When you add those numbers to the immigration numbers it is of course much worse.

ICE must round up and deport as many illegal immigrants as it can possibly find.  This will only help some.

Congress must be forced to change the number of legal immigrants back to 200,000 per year.  Our way of life is totally threatened.  People who are US citizens but not even born yet are going to inherit the problems created over the last 40 years with increased immigration.

Do you want your children and grand children to have a much less quality of life than yours and possibly be homeless or starving because of the Congress of the last number of years.  Most of these people you did not vote for. None of us as individuals has much control over these old congressmen.  We have to vote them out and get this immigration thing under control.

We also need term limits in Congress to try and stop the Congress from taking on a life of its own without seemingly any control by the people who they are supposed to be “serving”.  They are only serving themselves if they have a life estate.

This is something every US citizen needs to be on top of.  We need to vote out these people and get new ones that we have more control over. If something is not done this country will be ruined.

My love of this country and interest in the future will be thrown away if no one does anything to change the situation and fast.