France Under Siege Refugees Riot

France Under Siege Large groups of Muslim “refugees” trying to interfere with traffic.

I saw two videos today of France under siege.  Large groups of Muslim “refugees” trying to interfere with traffic. Another group on the streets blocking them.

What is happening to France?

The first one the refugees were running all over a highway trying to stop cars and trucks and throwing things at the vehicles.  One of the trucks was equipped with a camera and was filming all that it passed by. The driver was cursing in French but there was an English translation.  The translation ran too fast for me to read every word.  But seeing the action sort of told the story of what was going on at the moment.  The driver got fed up and acted like he would run down some of the men after several minutes of being belted with objects and having his mirror damaged or rotated so he could not see his trailer. As the video moved along the highway merged with another road but there were more refugees.  All young men, by the way.  Who ever heard of refugees being made up of all young men??  Usually its families with a mixture of women children older men and a few young men.  My thought is that this is an army sent to overpower Europe one country at a time and they are headed here.

The second video showed refugees, again all young men, trying to close a freeway.  They drug all kinds of things onto the road plus having lots of people on the road.  They then started a fire in some tires. They were throwing things at cars and other vehicles but mostly small cars. Finally they stopped all but one lane each direction and had it almost stopped but some few cars kept getting threw. Then finally police and maybe firemen started showing up.  The officers first looked like they were going to just stand there but finally they started trying to move the refugees along.  One officer grabbed a refugee and then the officers partner helped. It looked like they might actually arrest that one but then the video stopped so I do not know.

Will France just let this invasion happen?

France better hurry up and start getting control of this situation or France is going to be a complete hell hole. I saw a tweet that said that a large percentage of Paris residents do not feel safe anywhere and I believe that.  Since I have not seen a video of the rape that one group reported I do not know if it is true but, the report said that a seven year old girl was gang rapped by five Muslim refugees in the center of a square right in public view.

The refugees have become so embolden that not much except shooting them is going to stop the problem.  The army needs to go in and have marshal law declared and round up the refugees and send them back where they came from.  They can commit mayhem in their own country and be dealt with by their countries rules.

Would you let this happen to the USA?

I know that I will fight for every square foot of the United States of America. I will not wear those stupid habits or the head scarves. I will not give up my rights as a citizen of the USA.  Any one who submits to Sharia is doing just that. They are giving up their rights.

Check out YouTube for videos on France and other European countries problems with refugees.

Check out twitter if you want to try and catch the video.