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Sarah Parker said in Live Young:

“Usually I don’t recommend “weight-loss” supplements; but I’m excited about this new garcinia cambogia based product from Hawaii Slim. Not only did I use the product and lose weight (my results below) but several of my girlfriends have lost weight with this product as well. So I decided to investigate a little further and here’s what I discovered…”

“Dozens of weight loss experts, including a famous TV Doctor, have been talking up the benefits of garcinia cambogia, and there’s real science behind the weight loss results that people have been experiencing. With an edgy technology, Hawaii Slim has delivered a rock solid garcinia cambogia based product with the added benefits of proven ingredients such as, Spirulina, Ginger, Ginseng and Green Tea extract.”

Hawaii Slim contains a blend of several ingredients that make it work better than plain Garcinia Cambogia.

  • More active fat burning ingredients to accelerate your results.hawaii slim
  • Plant based natural energy to fight fatigue.
  • Detoxifying herbs to flush toxins.
  • Additional fat burners to target belly fat.
  • Powerful appetite suppressants to stop cravings.


Sarah said she felt more energetic and she was not running to the fridge for comfort foods.  Hawaii Slim smells good when the lid is opened which I am sure helps everyone including Sarah stick to the plan.

Once over the initial weight loss the pounds melted off Sarah and made her feel more in control of her life and health than previously.  Women always feel better about themselves if they are the shape they want to be and fit into the cloths that make them look good.

hawaii slim         I personally know that I would feel better if I could get the last of my extra weight off.  I have been on a reduction slowly over five years but have plateaued in the last year and need an extra kick to finish what I would like to loose.  How about you, maybe we should both get on this and be what we ought to be.

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Sarah’s Before and After pictures:

hawaii slim

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