How Do Drugs Affect Your Brain

How Do Drugs Affect Your Brain?

This is a TED-ED video that was circulating on Facebook that shows how some drugs affect your brain and pass between different parts of your body and your brain.  Even for biologists this is very interesting information because often these things are not known in complet detail.  This is both a review and an education on the transfer of various drugs to the brain and how they work.  This information may make you decide that you do or do not want to take these legal drugs but you must educate yourself before you can make an informed decision. Do not just take the doctor’s recommendation without some knowledge of how they work. Also if you have a friend or family member with a drug problem you will more fully understand what is happening to them.  Legal pain killers have made many patients addicted.

How do drugs affect the brain?

Most of us will take some kind of medicine during our lives, but most of us don’t know anything about how these substances actually work. Here's a look at exactly how drugs affect the brain:

Posted by TED-Ed on Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Do Drugs affect your brain

Now you know something about how drugs in general affect your brain and how they get into your system. You are more knowledgeable about whether or not you wish to take “drugs”. Or if you might prefer natural remedies that can help you let your body repair itself.

Learn How Your Cells Can Heal Your Body

What I am about to suggest is at the basis of cell function.  You can turn on your own cells so they help your body heal itself.  Teenagers have plenty of cells that help them stay healthy most of the time.  But as one ages even into the mid to late twenties and beyond, one’s own cells start turning off the ability to produce the compounds that kill free radicals in the body.  These free radicals are the source of starting many diseases. Today the free radical problem in the body is called oxidative stress. So if your doctor says that he is talking about free radicals which is what it was called thirty years ago.  You can think about it as rusting of the body.

A chemist with interest in natural medicine had a breakthrough idea in 2005 that started the discovery of the key to turning on your own body cells to produce the anti-oxidants that kill the free radicals.  Free radicals are basically oxidized particles that are like rust in your body and blood stream.  These anti-oxidants attack and kill the rust or oxidized elements.  When the oxidized elements are removed your body is free of the materials that start many modern diseases.

Mouse experiments have shown that longevity is increased by 25% to 30% when using this little pill. The pill is a NRF2 stimulator.  That was the first development.  The second development was a NRF1 stimulator.

To understand more about these pills which can help your body keep you healthy, go here to the linked page.