Diseases and How to Help Prevent Them

Diseases and How to Help Prevent Them

Watch this video to more fully understand what causes diseases and how to help prevent them. It depends on changing your eating habits and caring more about how long you live and how well you live.

This video is very well put together and I think gives you a good understanding of what you need to do to save your own life. Or to help your body work better and longer.  Just depends on how you look at things. Do you want to just keep doing the same old things and die sooner or do you want to change your life style and live healthier and longer?

My Story

I personally like the idea of a long healthy life. I have tried to think that way for many years. I have gone through breast cancer and searched my mind for what I did to harm my body so that I got cancer. One thing I came up with was not taking enough vitamins when I was young and going around in a dehydrated state way too long. I grew up in the 1950 time frame and no one thought about dehydration then like they do now.

You need to also think about foods that are high in antioxidants. We only knew that the dark green vegetables were good for us but not why they were. This video give you a good reason to eat lots of them and why.

What To Do Now

Eat dark green vegetables, take vitamins especially C, B, E, and get some exercise.  You do not have to do the gym thing but get out and walk.

New Cutting Edge Science

A scientist has put together five plant products that can activate your own body cells to produce antioxidants themselves. This is a new breakthrough. The proper combination of these five products is what is the magic in the little wonder pill. The little wonder pill carries four patents and is not produced by a pharmaceutical company. This is a company devoted to natural products based on this little wonder pill and the science around it. The purpose is to make our bodies slow the aging process and improve the body cells from within. By taking these pills you allow your body to repair itself from within. This reduces inflammation and may in fact prevent diseases from forming in the first place.

Check out my page on this link and then follow the internal link to the website from the company itself. You owe it to your body and your family to get on this little wonder pill and its other companion products. Be the best you can be is our thought.