Some Days are just That Way

Some Days are just That Way

With the news what it is, and the constant buzz on twitter following the news all about what happened in the shooting in a Canadian mosque and then the ban on immigrants in the US, one gets a bit tired of the same old thing.

We should be glad that the shooter in Canada was caught and will be prosecuted.  We should be glad the election is over for the next four years.  Now is the time to accept the fact that Trump is the president and start figuring out how best to help make America Great again.

We must support our military and veterans. The put their lives on the line so we could be free to say what we wanted to say and vote how we wanted to vote.  Accept the results and make it work for America.  The veterans and current military are what stand between us and unthinkable dictatorship or some other form of suppression and servitude that many countries lived with for far too long.

How do we each contribute to the overall good of the United States?  We have to come up with ways to make this country work for us and everyone else in it.  We need to be safe or we need laws that allow us to carry guns to protect ourselves.

Iceland has the highest or nearly the highest number of guns per person but one of the lowest violent crime rates for any nation.  Why can we not achieve that?  Look a Chicago and see we have a long way to go.  It is only January 30, 2017 and Chicago has 200 shooting deaths this year already.  Its about time for a curfew and send in the army.  That city has a problem.  The criminals have the guns and the citizens do not have enough of them.

Something needs to be corrected and changed. Start here to protect your family.

Relax and sip a nice glass of wine.