A Day Can Be Very Sad and Full of Joy

A Day Can Be Very Sad and Full of Joy

I just saw a news article that said that Zuzu Vert from Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas has been found.  She went missing in October of 2016.  Her boyfriend has been arrested on obstruction of justus charges along with other charges and he is consider the killer. The Sheriff, FBI, Boarder Patrol and others where involved in the case. Search was carried out on foot, horseback, and by helicopter.

The remains were found six miles west of Alpine in a shallow grave.  Having traveled those roads on many occasions I know they are not crowded and they can be desolate.

The young lady’s father said that the boyfriend was no where in sight when the search parties were formed and he did not help in hunting for Zuzu.  That was strange as far as the girl’s family was concerned and the deputies also considered the boyfriend a suspect at that time.  Now the family of the boyfriend is considered also involved.  This is a sad note to think that other family members of the boyfriend would put up with the behavior he displayed and the cover up of the murder.

Sul Ross is a small university of approximately 2100 students and so it is a close knit group so the death has affected the whole group and probably the whole town as it is also small. This is an unusual happening for this area.  Rarely do these people have abductions and murders. I would expect to find such things happening in much larger cities.  This incident will be the talk of the town for years to come.

I personally have known students from Sul Ross and they are very nice people.  I love the West Texas area it is so beautiful and with wide open spaces that make you feel you can see forever. I have camped out there and done a lot of rock hunting in the area.  The volcanic nature of many of the hills means semi-precious stones are in abundance.  I have enjoyed horseback vacations in Big Bend National Park one of the big draws for West Texas.

I know that Zuzu’s mother is very sad this day but yet glad that her daughter has been found.  There is a certain relief when one knows what has happened and is not just in limbo.

Protect your self and your family and be alert to people around you.