CCW Gun Holster by Brave Response

 The Best CCW Gun Holster Around for comfort and ease of Use

      Self Protection seems to be more and more important as time goes on. One never knows who he will run into or when he will need protection for at least 5 minutes or more till the police can respond to a 911 call. I am a women and think just as much about this as any man and maybe more. A realtor friend of mine carries concealed every day. She does not always have another person near her and can only depend on herself in time of real need. She might find this CCW gun holster to her liking.  I hope never to need to use a weapon for protection but I would like to think I have the option if the need arouse.
     I am a member of Front Sight and have memberships to sell if you are interested (  I have been to Front Sight in Nevada to take a four day defensive handgun class and hope to go back soon.  Shooting is fun and addictive and can give you a high without any other products served to you by doctors or criminals. If you plan to take a defensive hand gun class you will need a CCW gun holster so look the information below over very carefully.
Front Sight is named for the front sight on guns because that is considered the most important part of the gun to focus on when preparing to shoot.  Repetition in practice is what makes one a good and dependable gun handler.  Repetition creates responses that are automatic and when one is stressed it is best not to have to take the time to do a lot of thinking or debating as to how to handle a situation.
This is one of the best CCW holsters I have come across and believe the designer is very much interested in your safety as well as his own.  He offers a 60 day guarantee on workmanship so you can feel comfortable about making your decision to buy.
 CCW Gun Holster CCW Gun Holster CCW gun holster CCW gun holster

With the number of CCW Gun holsters already on the market I had a hard time believing that anyone could truly do anything unique but this holster proved me wrong.

This month one of our instructors has finally made available to the public the Brave Response Holster. Here are a few things that make this CCW gun holster revolutionary:

  • It doesn’t have to be hooked or clipped to your belt, boot, or anything. The built in waistband goes around your torso like a belt
  • As a waist band holster it can be as shallow or as deep of concealment as you want or as your pants allow
  • Its a one size fits all holster meaning that you only need to buy one and it will work for ALL your semi-automatic handguns
  • It holds up to 3 spare magazines along with the gun!!! (Or two spare magazines and a flashlight…)
  • It takes less time to put on and it conceals better without printing than any holster on the market
  • It will fit any waist up to 54 inches
  • It will allow for grip mounted lasers (but NOT rail mounted lasers)

This Holster Fits

  • All Glock Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Smith and Wesson Semi Automatic Handguns – Excluding C.O.R.E. Models
  • All Springfield Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Sig Sauer Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Browning Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Kahr Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Beretta Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Ruger Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Walther Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All FN-Herstal Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Colt Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Kimber Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Heckler and Koch (H&K) Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All C-Z Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Steyr Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Hi-Point Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All Taurus Semi Automatic Handguns
  • All 1911 style handguns – Kimber, Colt, Sig Sauer, Dan Wesson, Ed Brown, Turnbull, Magnum Research, Rock Island, Remington, Springfield, Auto Ordinance, Ruger… etc.