Want to Feel Better?

Want to Feel Better? Do  you understand what it means to feel better?  You need to think about your body and how it feels from the cellular point of view. Your body receives oxidative stress from all kinds of thing you do every day. Exercise causes oxidative stress. But exercise is good for your body. […]

Oxidative Stress is Basis of Disease

Oxidative Stress is Basis of Disease Do you understand that your cells are the basis of life? The DNA controls what happens in your cells. Oxidative stress damages your cells and is the beginning of most diseases. Stop oxidative stress with your own body mechanisms.  Your own DNA can produce antioxidants by the millions as […]

New Research on Kidney Disease

Dr. Mark Gordon texted this from a conference “I’m sitting in a conference titled “Metabolomics and Kidney Disease.”  In this presentation the Professor discussed the primary reason for decline in kidney function is related to a decline in mitochondrial function. Another contributor is increase NOX4 activity which generates reactive oxygen species and the subsequent oxidative […]

Update On Cancer Fight

This is an Update on the fight against Cancer Being a cancer survivor I am particularly interested in this research. Please look at this video to educate yourself about the current state of Cancer Research.  So much has happened in the last 21 years since my cancer diagnosis. To those who have lost relatives and […]

Diseases and How to Help Prevent Them

Diseases and How to Help Prevent Them Watch this video to more fully understand what causes diseases and how to help prevent them. It depends on changing your eating habits and caring more about how long you live and how well you live. This video is very well put together and I think gives you […]

Longevity & Fried Foods & Free Radicals

Check out this Video! Free Radicals are damaging your Cells. Fried Foods are loaded with Free Radicals! You know that fried foods are not especially good for you right? But here is another reason to reduce the number of times you eat fried foods. Listen to this short video. This is a doctor speaking. Think […]

Top Ten Foods For Your Health

Here are the top ten Foods for your Health In this video the top ten foods that are healthier for you to eat are discussed. If you change your diet to include these foods more often you will be helping your body a lot. You will be giving your body more external antioxidants to fight […]

Understanding Free Radicals and The Damage They Cause

Understanding Free Radicals and The Damage They Cause Education is one of the ways you can help yourself throughout life. Educate yourself on anything that is interesting to you but also on anything that is important to your health. Understanding the damage that free radicals do to your body by the thousands every day all […]

Understanding Oxidative Stress

To Help Your Body and Prevent Disease from Starting, You Must Understand Oxidative Stress Watch this video and you will more fully understand the process of oxidative stress.  Your good health is our concern. Eating the proper foods, getting sufficient rest and exercising so keep your body in shape. This is the best way to […]

What Oxidation Does Damaging Cells

What Oxidation Does Damaging Cells and How to Correct the Oxidation Affects Antioxidants are what the body needs to reverse the damage done by oxidation in the cells. Oxidation is like the rusting of iron. It will eventually cause holes to develop in the iron and with enough time it completely eats away the iron. […]