Update On Cancer Fight

This is an Update on the fight against Cancer

Being a cancer survivor I am particularly interested in this research. Please look at this video to educate yourself about the current state of Cancer Research.  So much has happened in the last 21 years since my cancer diagnosis. To those who have lost relatives and loved ones to the fight I am wanting you to see that it is no longer a battle that is automatically going to be lost. There are many new treatments out there. Some are designed just for the type of cancer that a patient has. Very interesting stuff.

Beyond the chemical and pharmaceutical approach is a natural approach to cancer curing. This research has been going on right beside the research you just heard about in this video.

The Natural Approach

Dr. Joe McCord has been on the forefront of natural ways to handle cancer for the last twenty years. He has been instrumental in putting together the research he has done with the natural products available and come up with the little wonder pill.  This is what I call the pill I take to activate my DNA to produce its own antioxidants by the millions. This little wonder pill has a companion now. The first pill was called a Nrf2 activator and the new one is an Nrf1 activator.

Together these work on your DNA and your RNA to turn on your own cells to fight and kill damaged cells before they can multiply enough to cause a disease.

This is fantastic news. Each and every person should be on these pills to improve their health and let their body work to heal itself.

Pass The Word

It is up to you to pass the word of this remarkable set of little wonder pills. You may see the science and do more research by clicking on the link here and then once on the inside page of this website, click the link to my product website. You will see the name of the company and the name of the product.

This company is not a pharmaceutical company. It is a company developed to produce this group of natural products around the research I have just mentioned. There are several patents held by the company on the products. This is a very important natural product breakthrough in keeping you healthy to start with. Not something aimed at curing you after you already have a disease.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to check this our now!

Diseases and How to Help Prevent Them

Diseases and How to Help Prevent Them

Watch this video to more fully understand what causes diseases and how to help prevent them. It depends on changing your eating habits and caring more about how long you live and how well you live.

This video is very well put together and I think gives you a good understanding of what you need to do to save your own life. Or to help your body work better and longer.  Just depends on how you look at things. Do you want to just keep doing the same old things and die sooner or do you want to change your life style and live healthier and longer?

My Story

I personally like the idea of a long healthy life. I have tried to think that way for many years. I have gone through breast cancer and searched my mind for what I did to harm my body so that I got cancer. One thing I came up with was not taking enough vitamins when I was young and going around in a dehydrated state way too long. I grew up in the 1950 time frame and no one thought about dehydration then like they do now.

You need to also think about foods that are high in antioxidants. We only knew that the dark green vegetables were good for us but not why they were. This video give you a good reason to eat lots of them and why.

What To Do Now

Eat dark green vegetables, take vitamins especially C, B, E, and get some exercise.  You do not have to do the gym thing but get out and walk.

New Cutting Edge Science

A scientist has put together five plant products that can activate your own body cells to produce antioxidants themselves. This is a new breakthrough. The proper combination of these five products is what is the magic in the little wonder pill. The little wonder pill carries four patents and is not produced by a pharmaceutical company. This is a company devoted to natural products based on this little wonder pill and the science around it. The purpose is to make our bodies slow the aging process and improve the body cells from within. By taking these pills you allow your body to repair itself from within. This reduces inflammation and may in fact prevent diseases from forming in the first place.

Check out my page on this link and then follow the internal link to the website from the company itself. You owe it to your body and your family to get on this little wonder pill and its other companion products. Be the best you can be is our thought.

Longevity & Fried Foods & Free Radicals

Check out this Video! Free Radicals are damaging your Cells. Fried Foods are loaded with Free Radicals!

You know that fried foods are not especially good for you right? But here is another reason to reduce the number of times you eat fried foods. Listen to this short video. This is a doctor speaking.

Think carefully about how you want to live your life. If you would like to get more health years out of your life one way to do that is reduce intake of fried foods.

Exercise is important

Just walking for 30 minutes a day can help your health tremendously. We are not telling you that hitting the gym is the absolute necessity many people talk about. We are saying just do something to improve your health like walking 30 minutes per day. Take the dog for a 30 minute walk around the closest two or three block in your neighborhood.

Free Radicals damage your cells

The reason so many people take a lot of vitamins and particularly vitamin C and B complex is to add antioxidants to their body. Eating the proper foods like dark green vegetables can add antioxidants to your body.  Antioxidants disable free radicals. Basically antioxidants convert free radicals to a non-destructive form. There for you need all the antioxidants you can get.

New Science Breakthrough

The cutting edge of health science today is that a little wonder pill exists now. This pill is all natural and contains 5 ingredients. This little wonder pill is a Nrf2 activator. It goes into your body and contacts the cells then tells the cells to start making your own antioxidants. The body responds and then starts healing itself from the inside out. This may not solve every problem but it will help many issues.  Many diseases start from free radical damage to our cells.

To learn more about all this and the little wonder pill see this link.  


Top Ten Foods For Your Health

Here are the top ten Foods for your Health

In this video the top ten foods that are healthier for you to eat are discussed. If you change your diet to include these foods more often you will be helping your body a lot. You will be giving your body more external antioxidants to fight free radicals.

Free radicals have been discussed in the previous several posts. Free radicals are something that damage your cells and then the damaged cells could cause you to have a disease as they increase in number.  Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and eliminate the damaged cells thus making your body healthier from within.  Your body produces lots of its own antioxidants when you are young but as you age your cells produce less and less antioxidants. So getting antioxidants from your environment assists your body and staying healthy.

Breakthrough Cutting Edge Science

Starting with research in 1969 a researcher has found out that a combination of natural ingredients found growing in various areas of the world are particularly beneficial. The names of some you would recognize. As with many plant products that have been used to aid wellness, these five separately help. But putting them together in just the right proportions is almost magic. The five ingredients work together better than they each work separately. There is a synergy.

This product is referred to as an Nrf2 activator. What that means is the product goes into our bodies and turns on our cell’s own ability to produce antioxidants. This is in laymen’s terms so you can more easily understand even if you do not have a science background. There has never been a natural product or a drug that has ever been able to tell our DNA to make our own antioxidants until now!  This is a major breakthrough.

What Do We Do Now?

To increase your longevity and improve your health you can take the Nrf 2 product in the form of a pill.  Just recently a Nrf 1 product has been found to work on the RNA of our cells. These are the two most important parts of any cell in our bodies.

To read more about this subject and go to the website that I have for you to purchase and read more about all of this go here and then follow the link to the website.

Understanding Free Radicals and The Damage They Cause

Understanding Free Radicals and The Damage They Cause

Education is one of the ways you can help yourself throughout life. Educate yourself on anything that is interesting to you but also on anything that is important to your health.

Understanding the damage that free radicals do to your body by the thousands every day all the time gives you information.  Now you know that you need to do something to prevent damage to your cells and thus to your body. If you had not educated yourself on this subject then you might ask why do I need to eat right, lose weight and protect my body and my heart.  You might say “Since I do not know how these good foods affect my body I am going to ignore the advice to eat them”.  You then go about your day eating all the foods you love and when you cannot find time to fix your own food you go out and eat fast food which is often not good for you and introduces more free radicals you poor body then has to deal with. Think about it! You have done this and I have done this–eating what I wanted whenever I wanted it. But now that you know what free radicals are and how they damage your body and cells it is harder to ignore the advice to eat good foods.

Free Radicals are Bad

Free radicals are with you and me all the time. To get rid of them you need to make an effort to eat the proper foods that can help your body fight the free radicals.

Foods That Add Free Radicals

You need to avoid sugar as one of the first things to drop out of your diet. Sugar which shows up naturally in fruit and berries and other good foods is all you need in your diet. When you eat candy you take in a boat load of sugar and your poor body says here we go again. It moans and groans and fights but it is a losing battle. Sugar is one of the main ingredients in sodas of all kinds.  Have you ever seen the ad for cleaning your toilet bowl with a bottle of coke and it does not mater the brand. The stuff bubbles up rots off the ring around the toiled bowl and if you pour it all the way around up high it sterilizes or at least gets all the deposits and gunk off of the toilet bowl. Then flush and you have a clean toilet.

Try that trick and see how it works! It turns your stomach to think you have been drinking that stuff for years.

I know, I am from Texas and I have a Dr. Pepper every now and then but only a couple per month.

If you do not eat lots of chips and leave the potato skin on the plate and do not eat the seeds of tomatoes and some of the packaged seeds you will stop having cravings for chips and without chip cravings you can live with less cold drinks and less sugar all together.

Eat Dark Green Vegetables and Fruits.

I eat oatmeal in the morning with fruit or sometimes raisin brand or cheerios with fruit. Then if I go out to lunch at a hamburger place I just order the burger and a small drink which is often ice tea. Or if Dr. Pepper at least I do not eat the fries.

Some Food Chemicals Cause Cravings

The fries cause cravings whether you realize that or not.  I eat salads with chicken on them at lunch some also. If I eat bar-b-q beef I eat green beans because they are better for my body than other types of beans. Cold slaw is good for you and even though it may have dressing on it that is not near as bad as eating fries.

So one of the things you want to do is think before you order. Order for your body not your cravings. Think what is my body going to do with this food. Will it be able to address the free radicals this food presents. Smoking is only one thing that can kill you. Eating wrong will take years off your life for many reasons.

How to Help Your Body along with Eating Better

Go to my page inside the website attached to this blog. And then follow the link  to the one thing that can really help besides eating properly. There is a little wonder pill, actually two of them that work together, that can help turn on the cells in your body so they produce their own antioxidants. This is fairly new cutting edge science. These wonder pills are all natural and their secret is the quantities of each of the 5 ingredients. The correct combination cause a synergy and activate your own cells to produce antioxidants by the millions. These antioxidants stay in the body for 13 days if they are not used up. They fight far more and far harder than the foods you eat (if you eat good foods). But you need both good foods and the wonder pills.  Please follow this link to the inside page and then on to the website for the pills.



Understanding Oxidative Stress

To Help Your Body and Prevent Disease from Starting, You Must Understand Oxidative Stress

Watch this video and you will more fully understand the process of oxidative stress.  Your good health is our concern.

Eating the proper foods, getting sufficient rest and exercising so keep your body in shape. This is the best way to help your body naturally. Recently however, more has been learned about the body and it has been discovered that using a Nrf2 and Nrf1  activator we can turn on our own DNA and RNA to produce antioxidants within the body.  Instead of only using the three things above we can add the little wonder pills and they tell the body to turn on their production of anti-oxidants.

The Nrf2 little wonder pill activates the DNA to produce millions of the antioxidant particles within your body every day. The antioxidants your body produces last 13 days and thus build up a reserve over time. By stopping the damage of your cells from the inside, your body is healing itself. That means that your body is able to stop a number of diseases from starting by healing the cells at the point of initial damage.

Think of it! Stop Cancer before it gains a foot hold and before you even know you might have the disease. That is revolutionary. There are many diseases you can prevent in your own system if you choose to do so.  You need to message me to get more information.

These little wonder pills are all natural and the company that makes them is not a pharmaceutical company. There are many patents involved in these products and the science that led to them is cutting edge. We are all after making you the best you can be. This is how you increase your longevity and enjoyment of life.

Go to my page and then follow the link to the website made by the company. There you can order the products. You may decide to become a distributor and make your living out of helping others become healthier.


What Oxidation Does Damaging Cells

What Oxidation Does Damaging Cells and How to Correct the Oxidation Affects

Antioxidants are what the body needs to reverse the damage done by oxidation in the cells. Oxidation is like the rusting of iron. It will eventually cause holes to develop in the iron and with enough time it completely eats away the iron.

This video is very instructive about how this process works. First to damage the cells and then to come back and repair the cells. The problem with the solution we have all been using with vitamins and healthy foods is that they are acting one on one. You would have to eat bottles of Vitamin C to get enough per day to correct the damage done to your body in one day.  This sound discouraging and it is.  That is why there is a lot of research being done on the biology of oxidative stress.

Oxidative Stress

little wonder pill

A cutting edge scientist and his lab have come up with a product they call Nrf2 which goes into the cell and activates the DNA of your cells to create the particles that neutralize the affects of the damage caused by oxidation. When Nrf2 does this millions of particles are released not just one. With millions released, the body is actually healing its self and not dependent on antioxidants from outside like vitamin pills.

This process can heal damaged cells before they form enough damaged cells to become a disease. Also it has been found that these particles activated by one pill of Nrf2 per day, can stay in the body for 13 days if not used. This means they form a reservoir of protection for your body. With one little wonder pill per day you are protecting your body for longer than one day.  You need to take the little wonder pills for 30 days to build up enough of a reservoir to be sure you are getting the best possible affect.  Then keep up the one pill a day to keep the reservoir filled.

It has been found through research, that this little wonder pill can increase longevity.  This makes sense because if it kills off damage from oxidation it is improving your body from the inside out. With an improved body you would expect to live a longer better life.

Example of the Little Wonder Pill in Action

One lady I know has a son with a heart valve problem and his heart on one side was not pumping at normal capacity. In fact it was pumping at about 1/2 normal and he had a heart pump put in. His mother put him on the little wonder pill and one year later the doctors tested him and that side of his heart was now pumping at full strength.

There are many examples of people that have been helped and had their bodies correct the oxidative stress by simply adding the pill. The company does not say the pill itself is going to cure anything. What it does is set up your body to help cure itself.

Go to my page inside this website. And then click on a link to my website which will name the pill and give you more information. You may also order from the site. You may message me on Facebook at mary.belk.94 and I can send you videos with lots of information.


Digestive Health is Becoming More Understood

Digestive Health is Becoming More Understood

 digestive health

Digestive health is very important to your overall well being.  If you eat the wrong foods or too much food you will harm not only your intestinal track but your gut fauna and thus your overall health.

digestive health

Medical Research undertaken to understand asthma discovered people with healthier microbiomes have lower rates of asthma, allergies and autoimmune conditions.  Just think what that says about your health. The foods which are better for you help your body digest other foods and move products to your blood stream that can help you resist diseases.  

Other medical research notes that our microbiome may even influence our emotional state, stress response, and mental health. This says the vitality of our microbiome impacts our overall health.

If you think about this it makes since because the people who tend to eat better tend to be thinner and seem to have less problems than the people who overeat or eat a lot of fast foods and less healthy foods.  You may know someone allergic to corn products.  They have consumed too much of the sugar and other products in corn and became allergic.  This can happen to many people. Overweight can cause a person who did not have diabetes to develop the disease.

digestive health

Probiotics in Digestive Health

Probiotics are being pushed more and more by natural health providers and health food stores because they understand your gut is so very important to your overall body health. Prebiotics are also being pushed.

My company has a patented formula for a pro-bio that keeps the good bacteria you so desperately need intact till it gets to the small intestine where it is needed most. Please go to the page on my longevity information and click the link to see the website that discusses the longevity and digestive health.

When you take antibiotics they kill off your intestinal bacteria. If you do this very often you may get diarrhea because of lack of proper digestion capabilities.  It is better to avoid antibiotics if you only have a cold or a flu. Antibiotics do not affect virus so if you have a viral infection do not take them.

Free Radicals Eliminated by Your Body

Free Radicals cause many of the diseases that humans experience and these diseases reduce their longevity.

Free Radicals Can be Eliminated by Your Body

Free Radicals

Nrf2 Activator is what can tell your body, through the DNA in your cells, to make products by the millions that kill free radicals.  Just think of how important this break through is!  With our little wonder pill that is possible. Because It has the natural products in a synergistic combination that can signal your DNA to make these products.  And You will become healthier from the inside out and live longer.

Studies on mice showed that the animals lived longer using our product that they would have without it. There are now over 20 studies on medical sites about studies that show the power of our Nrf2 Activator.

If you want to live longer give your body a chance to kill irregular cells that can cause all kinds of diseases. And To do this you need to go to my page on this website and read it. So Then use the link to go to my little wonder pill site to read the science and order some for yourself.

Everyone should be taking this little wonder pill. It gives your own body a chance to improve your health and longevity. The picture below shows areas of the body and diseases caused by free radicals.

free radicals


The foods most likely to generate lots of free radicals in your body are on picture below. Also pictured are other causes of free radicals like pesticides and smoking.

free radicals



This is a book that talks about Free Radicals and longevity. If you wish to get in depth with this subject read here:


by: Sharma, Hari, M.D.Dr. Sharma is Professor of Pathology and Director of the Cancer Prevention and Natural Products Research at the Ohio State University College of Medicine. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Pathology, and a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is a consultant to the National Institute of Health, Alternative Medicine Section. He has lectured around the world to medical audiences including the World Health Organization. He has published over 100 scientific research articles and has recently published Freedom From Disease, a book about free radical control, based on India’s traditional health care system, ayurveda.


Go Here to read more!

Meet Skin Care at the Cellular Level

Meet Skin Care at the Cellular Level

Skin Care

Skin Care products mostly miss the mark of really creating better skin for you. This is because they only treat the surface of your skin. They do not treat the cause of aging skin. That is not to say you were not trying to do better for your skin it is just that a product that treats cleaning and hydrating of the skin is not able to get deep enough.

To get to the cause of aging and to go deeper where you skin can be made healthier takes a new technology. This is now available in our Beauty System with Nrf2 technology. What this technology does is stimulate the skin at the cellular level to reduce the oxidative stress. These products strengthen the skins own protective ability.

The Beauty System

Our Beauty System does do the cleaning and hydration of other products but the difference is the Nrf2 technology.

skin care

The system has a cleanser that removes light makeup, oil and grease without removing vital oils and without using soaps.  Then the second step is to use our scientifically engineered lotion that diminishes discoloration, improves skin tone and leaves you with brighter, smoother skin.

The third step is to use the eye treatment which reduces darkening around the eyes.  It also reduces fine lines and delicate wrinkles.  Just these steps alone will make you look younger because your skin is refreshed and smoother and brighter.

But step four is the real part that hydrates your skin, adds the anti-aging benefits of Nrf2 which smooths your skin even more. It lifts, firms and tightens your skin and smooths the crows feet at edge of your eyes.

To get the full affect of this Beauty System you need to use the products for 28 days and you will always want to stay on them when you see the fantastic results.  But remember the biggest value is at the cellular level as the Nrf2 technology stimulates  the cells to kill free radicals and reduce the chance of skin cancer and other skin problems.

You need to take the next step and investigate the products for yourself at this location.